Is Windows Phone really worth it?

A question for the ages that every geek has at least asked himself once, Is the Windows Phone really worth it? I am quite uncertain myself though even I have a Windows Phone because some part of me loves it, some does not. The Windows Phone system is very different from Android but quite similar […]

What is wrong with Samsung?

If your’re a true techno geek like us, then you must have asked yourself…. What IS wrong with Samsung? Now, some people love Samsung and these are two types of people, 1. Die hard Samsung fans boys (Which I doubt that they even exist)  or 2. Who really really love their Samsung phones. Now, it […]

Android grabs record 85 smartphone share

Google’s dominance of the smartphone market has reached new heights, with its Android operating system now accounting for a record 84.6 percent share of global smartphone shipments, according to research by Strategy Analytics. The growth in Android phones during the second quarter of this year came atthe expense of BlackBerry, Apple iOS and Microsoft’s Windows […]

Orkut is closing down

As Facebook has done a great success , it didm’t allow other social networking site to flourish. This has caused Orkut to shut down. Google had said that 30 September will be the last day of Orkut.