Will the OnePlus 12 Work with Sprint in the USA?

The OnePlus 12, the latest flagship from OnePlus, has captured the attention of smartphone enthusiasts with its advanced features and robust performance. For consumers in the USA, an important question is whether the OnePlus 12 will work with Sprint. The answer is a resounding yes.

Understanding Network Compatibility

Sprint, which has merged with T-Mobile, primarily used CDMA technology but is now shifting towards GSM and LTE networks. This merger has led to the integration of Sprint’s network into T-Mobile’s infrastructure, meaning that devices compatible with GSM and LTE, like the OnePlus 12, will work seamlessly with Sprint.

OnePlus 12 Network Specifications

The OnePlus 12 supports a wide range of network bands and technologies, including 5G, 4G LTE, and even some CDMA bands. This extensive support ensures compatibility with a broad spectrum of carriers worldwide, including Sprint’s network via T-Mobile’s infrastructure.

Sprint’s Network Transition

The ongoing integration of Sprint’s network into T-Mobile’s infrastructure means that Sprint customers are being transitioned to T-Mobile’s GSM and LTE networks. Consequently, the OnePlus 12, with its comprehensive band support, works perfectly on Sprint’s network as it operates under T-Mobile.

Checking Compatibility

To ensure that the OnePlus 12 works flawlessly with Sprint, users should:

  1. Verify Network Bands: Confirm that the OnePlus 12 supports the specific bands used by Sprint/T-Mobile, such as Band 25, Band 26, and Band 41 for LTE.
  2. Carrier Support: Consult OnePlus or Sprint (under T-Mobile) customer support for explicit compatibility confirmation.
  3. SIM Card: Use a compatible SIM card. Often, a T-Mobile SIM is required for seamless service after the merger.

Leveraging 5G Capabilities

The OnePlus 12’s support for 5G is a significant advantage. T-Mobile, encompassing Sprint’s network, is rapidly expanding its 5G coverage. Therefore, the OnePlus 12 not only works with current LTE networks but also leverages faster, more reliable 5G connectivity as it becomes more widespread.


The OnePlus 12 is fully compatible with Sprint in the USA due to its extensive support for a variety of network bands and the integration of Sprint’s network with T-Mobile. Current Sprint customers can confidently use the OnePlus 12, taking full advantage of both existing LTE and expanding 5G networks.

By verifying network bands and consulting with carrier support, users can ensure they enjoy the full capabilities of their OnePlus 12 on the Sprint network, now part of the extensive T-Mobile infrastructure.

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