Asus Zenfone 5Z available at 25k + more!

If you don’t already know it, Now you do! The Asus Zenfone 5Z will be available for just 25k. Have a OnePlus device? Even better! Well read on and we will tell you how. So every year, Our E-Commerce giants, Flipkart and Amazon do a massive sale with great deals for consumers. This time Flipkart in […]

Festive goodness on PC and Tablets

After man back to back blockbuster sales, GearBest is back again with the Ultimate Tablet sale featuring many tablets and notebooks at high discounted rates. If youre looking to get a tablet for home/ office work, then this is the right time for you to get one! One of the best device presented in this […]

Everything you need to know about GearBest’s Promotional Sale

The Chinese website, GearBest has an eye catching promotional sale waiting for you! Here, in the sale, the website is providing heavy discounts on almost all electronic device. You’ll get heavy discounts on phones, tablets, computer accessories, laptops, TV boxes and many other devices! You can buy phones from many famous companies like Xiaomi and […]

Best time to buy an Intel based device!

GearBest is back again with some amazing offers on various Intel based devices. Various Chinese companies have their Intel based products on sale which will go live on Nov 9 8:00 (UTC). The sale features offers from buy one get one free to more than 50% off discounts! Aint that amazing? The sale has products […]

Elephone S7 now available for just $149

Elephone S7, A flagship phone from Elephone is now available for just $149 for the 2GB variant. The Elephone S7 was launched this March with a hefty price tag. Right now, A Chinese e-commerce site, gearbest is running a promotional sale in which you can get it for super cheap. Elephone S7 Price and Specifications Elephone S7 […]

15% Off coupon Code of!

You might have observed that lately, we have been doing a lot of stories from, So a few readers asked me If I had any coupon code, So I asked gearbest and they were kind enough to provide me with one. 15% Off Coupon Code of Click here to Open gearbest’s coupon page in which you […]

Cube tablets up for sales with International Shipping!

Cube, A Chinese tablet manufacturer is now officially selling its products on As Holidays are about to come,gearbest is running a promotional sale for the Cube products. A lot of our readers might know about cube as we have featured it before as well. The quality of the Cube products speaks for themselves. Gearbest has […]

Voyo laptops now available globally!

Voyo, A Chinese laptop/tablet manufacturer is now selling its products with gearbest, an international retailer. Voyo is known for the economical laptops they produce. Gearbest is currently running a promotion for Voyo products which include the Voyo V3 ultrabook as well as Voyo Mini PC. Voyo V3 Ultrabook Specs The VOYO VBook V3 comes in two variants, […]

Thinking of getting a tablet? This may be the best time!

Gearbest, An international retailer, is running another sale solely on tablets and laptops. We all know of big brands like Xiaomi, Apple, Hp for tablets/ 2 in 1s but right now several Chinese brands are producing great quality products for a much lower price. One of them is the Cube i9 Windows tablet with Intel […]

Everything you want to know about Gearbest’s Tech Harmony sale!

If you’re a techie then this is the right time to buy the phone or the smartwatch you always wanted. Gearbest, an online retailer is running a sale in which you can grab several products for cheap. Here is the list of some of the best deals I found on gearbest. Do note that these […]