What is wrong with Samsung?


If your’re a true techno geek like us, then you must have asked yourself…. What IS wrong with Samsung? Now, some people love Samsung and these are two types of people, 1. Die hard Samsung fans boys (Which I doubt that they even exist)  or 2. Who really really love their Samsung phones. Now, it is true that Samsung makes some really good phones but at a ridiculously high price and do not possess the desired specifications and design that other well-known companies like Motorola or Xiaomi are providing with the same price range.


I personally have seen MANY (really really many) people who have a Samsung and love it. And through the years I think i have found out the reason. The normal (not geek) people who buy a Samsung don’t really game on it, they use it for a very minimal usage like only for WhatsApp and calls. They really don’t care about how the phone perform in games and we have to accept it, Samsung supper laggy TouchWiz IS pleasing to the eyes which is really what people care for. Another thing I have noticed that Samsung has broken the code to please Indians. Samsung understands that all the masses want is a good looking screen, good camera and an easy to use interface (And that’s why iPhone’s shine everywhere) and I have personally tested it. My dad’s old phone’s camera (Duos 2) performed better than 620’s 5MP camera. Its not that none of Samsung’s phone can’t perform in gaming but not up to the mark as far as India is concerned because of Samsung’s own chipset which is powerful for hardcore gaming but many developers skimp on it for optimization for their games.


So all in all we have to accept that Samsung knows how to please the masses but not the geeks.

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  1. Really? You call this an article? and hey Samsung’s camera is now where near the Lumia line up. No matter what the fat asian kid thinks.

    1. LOL bro this is what i think and these are my views? Can you show me an article you have written? about the camera part, i have personally tested it and this is my view not yours! Please tell us where have i gone so wrong that you refuse to accept this as an article? We have just started up and getting haters now is actually good xD

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