Is Windows Phone really worth it?



A question for the ages that every geek has at least asked himself once, Is the Windows Phone really worth it? I am quite uncertain myself though even I have a Windows Phone because some part of me loves it, some does not.

The Windows Phone system is very different from Android but quite similar to iOS in ways like security, closed source etc. It has its own look which is very different from both the contenders though some love it and some don’t. If you ask me, I have no problem with the tile system except after pro-longed use, it looks very mainstream so you might want to change the theme color and wallpaper everyday which becomes very annoying. If you are thinking of 500px Firepaper, don’t cause it’s not there on Windows Phone and will never come as it does not let any third party apps fiddle with such settings so you have to change it manually. It is true that many features are not on Windows Phone on which I strongly agree on. Even after 8.1 GDR1 update, one can’t change the ringtone without hooking the phone up to a computer and one might not have a computer or laptop at home looking at the strength of mobile phones in the past years. It’s not only ringtones but there is a long list of features Windows Phone doesn’t have that other OS’s have (but it does have all the basic and neccessary ones). On the other hand if you follow WPC, you would know that Microsoft is on fire with Windows Phone. It has shut down many programs just to work on Windows Phone which can be seen by examining the little time frame between the launch of WP8.1 and WP8.1 GDR1. I hope that Microsoft soon adds the awaited features like the one’s added recently for example File Managers in WP8.1.


 Another thing is apps on Windows Phone Store. I am 99% sure you have heard that  the Store lacks in apps. To some extent, it is true considering the fact that the  Windows Phone Store has only 300000+ while both contenders have more than  1M apps. But to me, it is a myth as the number of apps are constantly growing and I  personally never had a problem with apps. Every app that i needed be it Airtel  Money, Faaso’s, Flipkart etc. They were either already there or came in later but  they did. One thing I have noticed that the app updates aren’t as frequent as on  Android and iOS. Sometimes I just think that Microsoft is too dumb. Seriously  Microsoft, why are you pricing your hardware at such a high price given the  competition already in the market. For example I was very eager about the Lumia  630 when it was announced and I expected it be near Rs. 7000 given the  competition given by the Moto E but I was devastated when I heard that the price was 10k. Also, why is Microsoft putting 512MB RAM on phones with Quad-Core processors? It makes the phone unable to play high end games which are only available to phones with 1GB RAM which is another big downside to Windows Phone and Microsoft as major sales of Windows Phone are found to be made with budget phones like the Lumia 520.

The fact Windows Phone is very much younger than its contender’s also needs to be taken into consideration. Being so young than its contender’s it still is placed at the third position which is fantastic for a platform like this one. It maybe isn’t doing so good in market share but is surely giving equal customer satisfaction like the others. I think that it would suit the general masses better rather than geeks like me but Windows Phone is definitely a great piece of digital art by Microsoft. One advise for the company would be too price their products competitively in market’s so as to contribute to the slowly increasing popularity of Windows Phone.

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