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Is Windows Phone really worth it?




A question for the ages that every geek has at least asked himself once, Is the Windows Phone really worth it? I am quite uncertain myself though even I have a Windows Phone because some part of me loves it, some does not.

The Windows Phone system is very different from Android but quite similar to iOS in ways like security, closed source etc. It has its own look which is very different from both the contenders though some love it and some don’t. If you ask me, I have no problem with the tile system except after pro-longed use, it looks very mainstream so you might want to change the theme color and wallpaper everyday which becomes very annoying. If you are thinking of 500px Firepaper, don’t cause it’s not there on Windows Phone and will never come as it does not let any third party apps fiddle with such settings so you have to change it manually. It is true that many features are not on Windows Phone on which I strongly agree on. Even after 8.1 GDR1 update, one can’t change the ringtone without hooking the phone up to a computer and one might not have a computer or laptop at home looking at the strength of mobile phones in the past years. It’s not only ringtones but there is a long list of features Windows Phone doesn’t have that other OS’s have (but it does have all the basic and neccessary ones). On the other hand if you follow WPC, you would know that Microsoft is on fire with Windows Phone. It has shut down many programs just to work on Windows Phone which can be seen by examining the little time frame between the launch of WP8.1 and WP8.1 GDR1. I hope that Microsoft soon adds the awaited features like the one’s added recently for example File Managers in WP8.1.


 Another thing is apps on Windows Phone Store. I am 99% sure you have heard that  the Store lacks in apps. To some extent, it is true considering the fact that the  Windows Phone Store has only 300000+ while both contenders have more than  1M apps. But to me, it is a myth as the number of apps are constantly growing and I  personally never had a problem with apps. Every app that i needed be it Airtel  Money, Faaso’s, Flipkart etc. They were either already there or came in later but  they did. One thing I have noticed that the app updates aren’t as frequent as on  Android and iOS. Sometimes I just think that Microsoft is too dumb. Seriously  Microsoft, why are you pricing your hardware at such a high price given the  competition already in the market. For example I was very eager about the Lumia  630 when it was announced and I expected it be near Rs. 7000 given the  competition given by the Moto E but I was devastated when I heard that the price was 10k. Also, why is Microsoft putting 512MB RAM on phones with Quad-Core processors? It makes the phone unable to play high end games which are only available to phones with 1GB RAM which is another big downside to Windows Phone and Microsoft as major sales of Windows Phone are found to be made with budget phones like the Lumia 520.

The fact Windows Phone is very much younger than its contender’s also needs to be taken into consideration. Being so young than its contender’s it still is placed at the third position which is fantastic for a platform like this one. It maybe isn’t doing so good in market share but is surely giving equal customer satisfaction like the others. I think that it would suit the general masses better rather than geeks like me but Windows Phone is definitely a great piece of digital art by Microsoft. One advise for the company would be too price their products competitively in market’s so as to contribute to the slowly increasing popularity of Windows Phone.

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Use Google Search instead of Bing on Microsoft Edge



Indeed Microsoft has made a great piece of software, Microsoft edge is really a browser of 2015, It is fast, supports latest platform and is simple and user-friendly. Microsoft edge comes with Bing as a homepage as well as it is the default search, that means that whenever you type a search query in the address bar, it searches on Bing and not on Google. Even though Bing is not that bad but if someone uses multiple platforms of google, he would be using Google, So today I will tell you a simple procedure by which you use Google Search in Microsoft Edge’s Address Bar.

Use Google Search instead of Bing on Microsoft Edge’s Address Bar

Nowadays every browser use Open Search, It enables users to search from the browser’s address bar on your selected default search engine, so we would just be replacing the default search engine, which is Bing in this case to Google. So here are the steps.

  1. Open the latest version of Microsoft Edge.
  2. Click the three dots on the extreme right of the address bar.
  3. You will get a menu, click on “Settings”
  4. Once in Setting, On the left bar, CLick on Privacy, search and services. Scroll down and you will find an option called “Address bar and search“, Click it.
  5. then scroll below, In the Search engine used in the address bar, toggle where it is written Bing and change it to Google.

That is it, Now whenever you will type any search query on the address bar, it will be searched on google and not on Bing.

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What Is MDM And Does Your Business Need It?



The most important aspect of any business is the data each company holds that will allow them to become a better company as time moves forward. The data held can often be spread across multiple databases, paper records, and the documents held by different departments within your company. If you are looking to take your data to the next level, you should be looking to understand the Gartner master data management system that allows all your records to be held in a single location. Whether you choose to place your data in the Cloud or on your server, Gartner explains the most important choices you need to make are how will you avoid overlaps and inaccuracies in your records through your Master Data Management.

What is MDM?

This is the first question you will be asked when you step into the office of your CEO and tell them of the need to invest in this technology. One of the toughest questions you will be asked is what exactly MDM is and how can we benefit from the investment in this technology. Master Data Management is a system where the data your company holds will be compared and collated to ensure the accuracy of the information you are holding is as high as possible. Data Quality Pro explains the success of Master Data Management processes has been growing over the last few years with those who get the most from the process of identifying a problem and looking for the best way of solving it.

Examples of Master Data Management

When you are being questioned about whether your company needs Gartner Master Data Management applications there are multiple ways of looking at the work being done at different levels to improve the work of your business.

Any company that has separate sales and distribution departments should already have been investing in MDM because these companies will see a major benefit to the success of their business. The first point of contact for most clients is the sales team who they will call when they have problems or want to place an order. One of the most common issues seen in sales environments is a change of address, phone number, or other contact information being reported to the sales team but not to the distribution center. Using MDM means your technology will be able to scan the latest information and update all aspects of your data to reflect the latest information your company has for all individuals to enjoy.

Improve Customer Experience

The customer experience is vital to all companies who are hoping to bring about a change in the way they interact with their clients. If you are hoping to avoid the problems with client data that can cause long-term issues to your relationship with any customer, you should be investing in Gartner Master Data Management software.

There is little more annoying for a customer than having to repeatedly update their information because a business is still using paper records or has not linked the data stored by a different department. BizTech Magazine reports the best in MDM software will be able to link to a Cloud-based service to allow the company to make the most of their time and facilitate a positive transfer of data. There are already impressive templates used by Gartner and other companies that can provide an excellent starting point for storing and transferring data within and outside a business.

Gaining a Business Advantage

In an era when the customer experience is becoming increasingly important, MDM is playing an important role for businesses of all sizes and types. Making the same mistakes as have been seen in the past is no longer an option at a time when customers will quickly take their business to another company if they become annoyed with continual mistakes. By working with a professional master data management company, the success you will find will be magnified as you move forward with your business in a new environment of accuracy.

The global nature of business and the continued increase in online sales means your business could struggle to store and manage customer data from all over the world. However, by integrating MDM into your business you will find you have a better chance of providing the customer service most customers hope to see as they move through transactions with your business.

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Add Shot on OnePlus on OnePlus 7T



The OnePlus 7t is one of the best phones available in the sub 600$ range. It provides great build quality, awesome display, and best specs at a decent enough price. With this, it improves upon the OnePlus 7 with a 90Hz refresh rate screen, some camera improvements, and faster charging. There are tons of other minor improvements, and it all makes up for a more refined and reliable overall smartphone. The 7T is an excellent low-cost flagship. Today we will show you how you can add shot on OnePlus on your OnePlus 7T. Owning an OnePlus brings its own swag and one such way to do so is by adding the Shot on OnePlus watermark. Today we will show you how easily you can add shot on OnePlus and your name on you OnePlus 7T.

Fix – Add Name and Shot on OnePlus to OnePlus 7T

Steps to add your name on photos on OnePlus 7T

  1. Go to your camera, swipe up from below and you will find a settings icon on the top right
  2. Press the Settings
    Shot on OnePlus on Oneplus 7t
  3. Press Shot on OnePlus
  4. In the following screen Enable the option
  5. If you want to add your name then you can Enable the Name option and enter the name you want it to be displayed
    Shot on OnePlus

You should now have successfully added Shot on OnePlus logo on your OnePlus 7T.


We hope you were able to add the feature on your OnePlus 7T, let us know in the comment section below 😀

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