Best LED TV under 15,000 in India – November 2017

Everyone loves entertainment and with so many new shows and movies coming on TVs nowadays, It makes no sense to still rock the old CRT TVs. If you are looking to upgrade to a LED TV from your old LCD or a CRT TV or just looking to buy a new TV for your other […]

Best Phones under Rs 8000 – April 2016

The price point of Rs 8000 is very attractive as it does not create a big hole on your pocket and you can get some phones these days with that money. So today, we take down our pick for the Top best phones under Rs 8000. Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 at Rs 5,999 Launched on July […]

Top 5 Phones Under Rs. 20000

Top 5 Phones Under Rs. 20000 A few years ago, we could get only 512 MB RAM with 4 GB Storage at this price point. Since then, so much has been changed. Now we get fabulous specs in these compact devices but the problem remains the same. Which one to choose from? This article will […]

Top 5 Tablets with windows 8 operating system / Windows 10

Windows is the most used operating system with over 94% usage. In just america, the percentage is 92% but still the windows is not at all cheap, for around 140$ you may think it is over priced but not now. There are number of Tablets which cost around 140$ which has full genuine windows 8 […]

More features have been added to Microsoft Edge with the new built

With just 1 month left in the launch of windows 10, Microsoft had released a bunch of new features in Microsoft Edge in their new build. The browser which was previously known The Project Spartan had been named ‘Edge’ with the release of the build 10158.  Now with the new built, 10159 has been released and it […]

Top 10 fastest Super Computer [InfoGraphic]

In Todays Technological world, people have computers which can do almost anything. A Personal computer today is equivalent to a super computer 10 years ago. Here’s a list of Top 10 fastest Super Computers in a picture.   Source

Best Digital Cameras Under Rs 8000 – April 2016

There are so many things to be taken care of when buying a new camera which can be difficult as well as time-consuming for many people out there. Therefore, we are here to give out our top picks for the Best Digital Cameras under Rs 8000. Best Digital Cameras under Rs 8000 Canon Digital IXUS […]

Top 5 Mid-Range Phones [APRIL 2015]

It’s finally April, the time of the year when all of us looks to buy a new phone. Some may go for a High-End Flagship device but some go for Mid-Ranger or Entry-Level device. So, here we have our Top phones under 20k (Approx 322 USD). Note that the phones are not in any particular […]

10 Best Phones under Rs. 10,000 – March 2015

Nearly 2 years ago, we used to pay 20k for a phone with merely 512MB RAM. Today the scenario has changed. The phones have became much cheaper and still has great performance. Companies now focus on price to performance ratio. Some companies like Xiaomi, Motorola, Infocus, Micromax Yu (though it has a lot of issues) […]