Top 5 Mid-Range Phones [APRIL 2015]


It’s finally April, the time of the year when all of us looks to buy a new phone. Some may go for a
High-End Flagship device but some go for Mid-Ranger or Entry-Level device. So, here we have our
Top phones under 20k (Approx 322 USD). Note that the phones are not in any particular order and
you may order it as you want. This list contains some Pocket Friendly phones that have equally
same performance compared to other Mid-Rangers.
Not looking to argue, do comment the phone of your choice which should have been added into
this list 🙂 NOTE: No Samsung phone in this list. We have mentioned only those phones, which have been released in most parts of the World.
5. Moto G (2nd Gen)

Top 5 Mid-Range Phones
Moto G 2014

Definitely on paper this phone may not seem to be good at all, but when you use it you will feel the
real smoothness that this phone has. Although it has the same 1.2 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 400
CPU with Adreno 305 that the earlier Moto G (2013) had but the internals have been upgraded and
it performs alot more better than that one! It is currently running Stock Android 5.0.2 and will soon get
5.1 as we all know how fast Motorola is in giving updates to their phones! Though it does not have LTE connectivity but no worries, LTE Model is also available but only in some regions.
Some quick Specs:
5.0 inches 1280*720p Display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
8Mp Primary + 2Mp Secondary Camera both with 720p Video Recording
16GB Internal with MicroSD Expansion upto 32GB and 1GB RAM
2070mAh Battery (That is decent for Moderate usage)
Price: 12,499INR (Approx 180USD)
4.Huawei Honor 4X

Top 5 Mid-Range Phones
Huawei Honor 4X

Priced lower than the Moto G this phone packs some really Awesome and powerful specs, though misses
the stock UI. This phone is a bit faster in multitasking than the Moto G due to it’s 2 GB of RAM. Though it is a bit slow in day to day usage due to Huawei’s Emotion UI 3.0 on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop (4.4.2 in some regions). The phone has every feature that one needs but lacks behind in Internal Storage (8GB) still, you can expand anytime. The Camera is again a powerful point of this phone! Though it misses 1080p Display and pixels are clearly visible if looked closely due to 5.5 inches. Still it has some top of line Specs that fulfill a user’s need!
Some quick Specs:
5.5 inches 1280*720p Display with Gorilla Glass 3 maybe (Not officially mentioned)
1.2 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 410 Processor with Adreno 306 GPU
8GB Internal with MicroSD Expansion upto 32GB and 2GB RAM
3000mAh Battery (That is GREAT!)
Price:10,499INR (Approx 168USD)
3.Nokia Lumia 730

Top 5 Mid-Range Phones
Nokia Lumia 730

It’s worth mentioning this phone if you are not into Platform worries. This is one of the last phone to carry the Nokia Logo on the top but the build is the best thing in this piece! Fully made of plastic but you will never notice that cheap feel. The Performance and Battery are tipical Windows – GREAT! The Battery can easily last you for 1 Day if you are a heavy user and 2 Days if you are a Moderate user. Performance of even cheap Windows phones is great so this phone has it! DAT Camera= AWESOME! On paper it is just a 6.7MP Camera but it is still better than the 8MP one in the Moto G 2014!
Some Quick Specs:
4.7 inches 1280*720p OLED Display (I forgot to mention but this is also GREAT!)
Microsoft Windows 8.1
1.2Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 400 GPU with Adreno 305 GPU
8GB Internal Storage with MicroSD Expandable upto 128GB (Highest Expansion in this list) 1GB RAM
6.7 Primary and 5MP Selfie Front 1080p Cameras
2200mAh Battery (AWESOME)
Price: 12,000INR (Approx 192USD)
2.Xiaomi MI4 (MI3 is also considerable in the list)

Top 5 Mid-Range Phones
Xiaomi MI4

Now let’s get on with some High-End Specs Mid-Rangers. The Xiaomi MI4, the name Xiaomi may sound new but the phones made by this company is just piece of Awesomeness. The phone which we are talking about has just One Con, that is the Slippery Body and this can be solved by using a case. Except this, everything this phone has is just great, from the 5.0 1080p Screen till the 3080mAh Battery. Between that, Xiaomi gives a 2.5Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 801 Krait 400 CPU (Are you kidding? No I ain’t!). It also has a 13MP + 8MP Camera! And also it is LTE Capable. This one just beats the Galaxy S5! This has 2 Variants, one with 16GB Internal (18k) and 64GB (22k) NO Expansion!
Some Quick Specs:
5.0 inches 1980*1080p Screen with Gorilla Glass 3
Android 4.4.3 with Xiaomi’s MIUI on top (Which is pretty Smooth)
16GB or 64GB Internal Storage No Expansion 3GB RAM
13MP Primary with 2K video and 8MP Secondary with 1080p Video!
3080 mAh Battery
Price: 17,999INR (Approx 290USD) [16GB Model] 21,999INR (Approx 350USD) [64GB Model] #1.OnePlus One (Finally)

Top 5 Mid-Range Phones
OnePlus One | Top 5 Mid-Range Phones

What do you want me to tell me about this phone? This is the Beast oh Sorry, the Best!
One thing to say, Oxygen OS (Lollipop) is out and you can flash it on yours! 😉
Only Con with this phone is that 16GB is ONLY available in Silk White and 64GB is ONLY Available in Sandstone Black that is prone to damage 🙁 and is only available through Invite System, though on sometimes it is available without Invite.
Some Quick Specs
5.5 inches 1980*1080p Display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Will run CyanogenMod11S (4.4.4) out of the box
16GB or 64GB Internal Storage No Expansion 3GB RAM
13MP Primary with 2k video and 5MP Front with 1080p video!
3100mAh Battery (6h of SOT. SURE! )
Price: 18,999INR (Approx 300USD)
21,999INR (Approx 350USD)


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