Top 5 Most Useful Apps!


There are always some essential apps that should be on every phone no matter how you use it. Today, we are going to list some of the most useful apps that would make your life easy.

Top 5 Most Useful Apps –

5. Army Knife for Android

Army knife for Android consists of thing like a Unit Converter, Compass, bubble level etc. This comes handy in daily tasks when you have to convert some unit and is currently offline. I also often see myself using the Bubble Level as it is very interesting to see the inclination of a surface. It is most fun when on flights.


4. Asana

Asana is an app that is most common with startups. Asana is a task management app in which you can assign tasks to the member of your group. If you own a company or work in one and you have to assign different tasks to people then you can do so through Asana and can also keep track of it. Asana is free to use and is available on all platforms. As a blogger, I use Asana almost daily to keep a track of our work.

3. is a No Excuse app. offer computer generated music to be played in the background while doing tasks like Reading, Meditating and even sleeping. I use a lot and it has a lot of perks. I find myself more concentrated while listing to the music from It has a large collection of never ending music and has different sections for a different type of work. If you are someone who easily gets distracted or is not able to concentrate on your work then I’ll suggest you get a premium subscription of and change your life for good. is available on Android as well as iOS.

2. ES File Explorer

Chances are you already have this app on your phone, If not then get it now. It is a file Explorer made for the power user with plenty of features such as FTP, Network Access, Root Acess and much more. The UI is pretty simple and while using it you will not find yourself limited because of the device being Handheld. Es File Explorer is available only for Android devices.

1. Google Keep

I have used many Todo Applications but you know what they say, sometimes the simple thing is better and so is the case with Google Keep. It is a simple To-Do/Notes app with minimal UI and great features. I use Keep for many things including things like keeping a note of teams that I have placed bets on. By the way, sports betting apps is becoming a good way to earn a few dollars. Coming back to the topic, Google Keep is cross-platform and stores the data in your Google Account. This makes your data accessible anywhere anytime. You can set different colors for different notes, There is also an option for putting a checkmark in each line making it a great To-Do list app. In fact, MakeUseOf has rated Google Keep as the best To-Do app for Android.


So what app are you going to install? Let us know in the comment section below!

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