Movavi Video Editor Review!

Video editors nowadays come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from expensive editors
oriented towards professionals to basic tools with limited features. While that diversity does
have its advantages, it makes it difficult to find a good yet reasonably priced video editor
that is user-friendly and at the same time has ample features.

Assuming that is what you’re after – a good place to start is with Movavi Video Editor. It is a popular video editor that aims to fulfill that goal to a tee and provide an intuitive user
experience alongside comprehensive and powerful features.

User Experience

The part of Movavi Video Editor that stands out most is its user experience, which is
designed to be intuitive and beginner-friendly. In contrast to other editors, you won’t need
any prior experience to use the software, nor will you have to leaf through a thick manual or
go through a steep learning curve to do so.

In fact, the best way to learn how Movavi Video Editor works is to just jump right in and start
using its features. Between is clean and simple user interface as well as it’s intuitively-
designed features, all it will take is a minute or two for you to find the tools you need and
apply them to your videos.

While it is easy to see how beginners will benefit from the easy to use approach of Movavi
Video Editor, more experienced users stand to gain from it as well. By providing a
streamlined and simple way to edit videos, you will find that you’re able to carry out
alterations more quickly with it than other editors.


As much as Movavi Video Editor does focus on the user experience, it also invests heavily in the scope of its features – that are comprehensive to say the least. With its tools you will be able to:

  • Cut videos into parts and trim out any unwanted segments.
  • Merge clips together and arrange them in the right sequence.
  • Enhance the quality of videos manually or automatically and fix any issues that may be present.
  • Apply various artistic filters to provide a unique visual style to videos.
  • Utilize special effects such as slow-motion, Chroma key, fast-forward, reverse, and more.
  • Include audio tracks containing background music, voiceovers or other sounds.
  • Edit audio tracks to remove background noise, normalize quiet audio, adjust equalizer settings or apply audio effects.
  • Place animated transitions between video segments to link them together.
  • Capture additional video or audio via a webcam or microphone.
  • Add customizable text fields to create unique captions, subtitles, and more.
  • Use the ‘Montage Wizard’ to automatically compile videos into an instant movie.

Simply put the scope of features in Movavi Video Editor are extensive enough to cover
pretty much any type of alteration you wish to make to your videos. Regardless of whether
you want to produce professional-looking video content or just tweak and improve your
videos, it will let you get the job done quickly, effectively, and without having to jump
through any hoops.

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