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A few weeks ago, Huawei launched the Honor Play and Huawei was successful in creating a huge buzz about it, Afterall they were giving a phone with flagship-like specs at a budget price. Fast forward a couple of weeks, Xiaomi brings a new sub-brand called Poco(Italian of little). Now Pocophone brings their product, that is Poco F1. Now the Poco F1 also lives on the same criteria, It brings flagship specs at the price of a budget phone. Very Similar to what OnePlus did with OnePlusOne. Now for the consumers, there are two choices and we at Technokick will help you in choosing the right phone for you. So today we will do a comparison of Honor Play vs Poco F1.

Build and Design – Honor Play vs Poco F1

Honor Play vs Poco F1

20K is not a small amount and it is just between a budget series phone like Redmi Note Series and Premium Budget phones like OnePlus. When spending 20K I expect my phone to look good and want people to envy it. The Poco F1 has a polycarbonate body all around, There is neither metal nor glass. The feel is what you get on a 5 thousand rupees Redmi 1s. Holding the phone doesn’t seem like you are holding an expensive phone. Even though the notch looks fine but the In-Hand feel is terrible. Coming to the Honor Play, It has a unibody metal built. The phone speaks for itself. When kept on the table, I have had more than 5 people ask me about the phone. The Poco F1 won’t give you that kind of attention. I have used a lot of phones from Moto G to S9 and I know how much the in-hand feel matters. The Premium feel you get on the Honor Play is far superior to what you get on the Poco F1. The Front design of both the phones is a somewhat similar but the bezels of Honor Play is a tad bit smaller than that of Poco F1. The Poco F1 has 82% Screen to body ratio while the Honor Play has 83%. This one percent even though is minuscule, It makes a lot of difference. Honor play has a smaller chin as well as a smaller top bezel. Honor Play is also slimmer than the Poco F1 as well as lighter.


Honor Play vs Poco F1

Poco F1 and Honor Play are at par in terms of display with both phones sporting a notch. Poco F1 features a 6.18-inch Full HD+ display with 18.9:7 aspect ratio. Honor Play has a 6.2-inch with the same Full HD+ resolution but a slightly bigger 19:9 aspect ratio. While using the taller display of Honor Play gives a better overall experience. The Poco F1 comes with a protection of Gorilla Glass while in Honor Play there is some kind of protection on the display but it is not mentioned.

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Camera | Honor Play vs Poco F1

Honor Play vs Poco F1

Poco F1 and Honor Play smartphones have similar features to offer in the camera department. In terms of specifics, Poco F1 sports a dual-camera setup of 12-megapixel and 5-megapixel AI cameras at the rear. Using AI, the smartphone can detect 206 scenes across 25 categories. The front 20-megapixel camera can detect up to 10 different scenes. This camera module is very similar to what you get on the Redmi Note 5 and the Mi A2. They are nowhere near to what you get on flagship phones but they are not bad either.

Honor Play also has AI cameras at the rear comprising of 16-megapixel and 2-megapixel snappers. Honor says that the smartphone can detect a total of 500 scenes across 22 categories. Up front, it has a 16-megapixel camera with Apple-inspired ‘3D Portrait Lighting’ for effects.

In the real world, the Honor Play captures better images in the day while the Poco F1 shines in low light. For the selfie shooter, However, I liked the pictures of Honor Play better.

Performance – Honor Play vs Poco F1

Honor Play vs Poco F1

Both the phones have a flagship processor in them. Honor play has Kirin 970 while the F1 has Snapdragon 845. Both of the processors are 10nm 64bit processors. Specifications wise, the 845 coupled with the GPU is a tad bit faster than the Kirin 970 but 970 is also not a processor you find in budget phones. It has a very similar performance to Snapdragon 845. In real life, there is nothing on the play store that both these phones can’t run smoothly and while doing things like gaming you can absolutely never find any difference. So whats my take? Honor play does exceptionally well in performance section but the F1 does it a little bit better.

Battery – Honor Play vs Poco F1

Honor Play vs Poco F1

Poco F1 features a 4000mAh battery while the Play has 350mAh less. I was expecting the Poco to have a better battery life but that’s not the case. Both the phones have given me almost the same battery life whatsoever. They both take almost the same charging time, both have the same connectors so, In the battery department, It would be a draw.

Verdict – Honor Play vs Poco F1

Both the phones perform great and you won’t be disappointed getting either of the phones. If you are a casual user who also uses its selfie camera then I would suggest you the Honor Play as It looks better and also is able to take better pictures. If you are a hardcore gamer and don’t mind the ugly looks than the Poco F1 is for you. But as I said, Both the phones will do all the tasks well, It’s up to you what feature will you be using more. The Honor Play is Priced at 20K while the Poco F1 is priced at 21K.

Buy Honor Play  Buy Poco F1


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