How to – Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Overheating while charging


Each year new manufacturers bring their devices to the market with some upgrades from the old one. One of those updates usually includes the battery or the charging method, mainly the Voltage at which the phone charges. Samsung Galaxy S9 is a great device with a spectacular build and finish. It has top-notch specs and is one of the fastest charging phone currently. With such high performance and the less charging time comes a problem, Recently I got a couple of users of our site complaining about their phone overheating. So today we will tell you all the methods by which you can prevent your S9 Overheating while charging.

Why does the phone Overheat? – Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 overheating while charging

First of all, you need to understand that a little heat is fine but If that heat is something that is troubling you than it is not at all normal and no matter what manufacturer says, It will harm your battery life. So it is always better that you keep your phone cool. Now to do so, there can be plenty of ways. Here are some of them which have always worked for me.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Overheating while charging fix
Galaxy S9 Overheating
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How to – Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 overheating while charging

  • Using the stock charger provided by the company. The charger provided by Samsung with the device should be only used for charging the device. The charger is of high quality and will last longer. However, if it gets spoilt please make sure you get a new Original charger from a Samsung Store. Using different chargers tend to mess up with the battery which will end up S9 overheating while charging. There are chargers in the market like Dash Chargers which might charge your phone faster but will be destroying your battery and over time will lose its charge holding capacity.
  • Keeping the device idle while charging. You might think using the device won’t cause harm to it. But you may be wrong when you use the device while it’s charging it might consume more energy which will end up heating the device. More the apps you use more stress is given to the device. So by not using your phone while charging, you can prevent your Samsung S9 overheating while charging.
    Samsung Galaxy S9 Overheating while charging
    Samsung Galaxy S9+ Overheating while charging
  • Enable flight mode when charging. Flight mode will disable all the networks of the device which will clear off most of the load given to the device. This will make the Samsung Galaxy S9 charger faster and will reduce heating too.
  • Using a different USB Cable. After few months many people face this issue. Their USB Cable either stops working or doesn’t charge properly. You can borrow a USB from a friend and test it on your phone. If the device isn’t overheating now, you can buy a new one and you’re good to go!
  • Uninstalling unnecessary apps. Apps which you don’t use still run in the background, these put unnecessary load and results in overheating the device.
  • Removing the Case or Skin if applied. If you really care about your device then while charging there should not be any cover on your phone as it does not conduct heat well and the heat stays inside the case. A case can also be beneficial when you are using the phone while charging as you will not feel much of heat but that will be deteriorating your battery in a long run. So it’s always better to just remove the case while charging.

We hope this tutorial helped you in fixing your phone If not, let us know in the comment section below and we will get right back to you!

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  1. My S9 started over heating when it was just 10 months old..the cord charger stopped working at 12 months Dec 2019 just as the warranty expired! Surprise surprise.I had to purchase a wireless charger and have been using that to charge it for the past 3 months..Its now March 29 2020 ..I was down to 10% shut it OFF put it on the wireless charger as usual and about 15 minutes later noticed the red charging lite not on, The phone was HOT I immediately removed it off the charger but it continued getting HOTTER and Hotter It wouldnt turn on ! I couldnt open it to remove the battery because theres no way to even open these phones without ruining them! Is it now fried??? i hav a battery I ordered from Amazo for it but have no idea how to even open it..Are all my pictures and contacts etc all gone?? Waste of $1200.00 !!! and Im now stuck here in the country alone with no phone!!!!!!!!!! any help would be appreciated.. thanks

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