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What if we tell you that there is an app which will keep you away from the household chores that you hate? Well, here’s introducing Zimmber to you- Don’t swap, sweep, dust or clean – Just Zimmber!

Zimmber is your one-step solution to all your household needs. The Zimmber app allows you to book any service of your choice and need at just a click away. The services include home spa, car spa, sofa spa, home makeover, carpentry, pest control and a host of other services. But the app’s most salient feature, however, is its ‘Refer & Earn’ scheme. Curious to know more? Read on!

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Benefits of Zimmber App


  1.   Zimmber allows you to refer each Service Separately –

Considering the fact that a lot of apps allow its users to refer and earn, let’s start with that aspect which makes Zimmber different – For the first time ever, users of the app get to refer individual services and earn points (cash) for every reference. This generous attribute is what truly distinguishes Zimmber’s Refer earn and makes it one of its kind!

  1.  Cash reward on every successful referring.

Earning cash benefits using Zimmber’s refer and earn is as simple as that- Refer a friend and get Rs.150 in your wallet. What’s even cooler? Your friend gets Rs.150 credited to her/his Zimmber wallet as well.
Get more cash deposited in your Zimmber wallet and save up like never before-with every reference you do, your chance of winning completely free/ discounted mega services keeps on increasing.

  1. Get Free services.

There is a cash reward for every reference. So, the more you refer, the more you benefit. Give us more, and get even more!

Refer and Earn is  your valuable word of mouth for helping Zimmber make more lives productive. So, let Zimmber make your life easier and hassle-free. While we take care of your household chores, you can lay back on your couch and refer the Zimmber app/services from Zimmber to your friends and help them make their lives sorted , just like you have made  yours!

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There is no better time to make your life easier and better than ever. Spend more time with your kids, chill with your friends a little longer, don’t forget to get your kids to do the homework and definitely don’t forget to love your better half a little more. If you liked what you just read, we bet you’ll like it all the more once you get on it!


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