ZGPAX S79 now available globally for just 27$

ZGPAX, a popular Chinese Smartwatch OEM, with a brilliant track-record has a new watch for grab. The ZGPAX S79 is a Sim enabled Smartwatch which acts as a Smartwatch to get notifications from your Smartphone or act as a standalone Phone to make calls and everything including sending messages. The ZGPAX S79 stands out for its independent 2G connectivity through a single micro SIM card. The ZGPAX S79 has a 1.54-inch screen similar to the previous model which helps in answering calls, selecting music and many other functions which we will discus today.


In addition, the S79 has an activity monitor which can be used to monitor physical activity (steps, uploaded floors, etc.) and monitor our hours and sleep quality. This feature primarily is one of the main selling points of the S79. Although the accuracy is questionable, just the fact that ZGPAX was able to cram in these extra sensors is worth mentioning about.

It also has a stainless steel build which will definitely win hearts of a lot. It has soft rubber strap which is also suitable for use while doing heavy activity like playing a sport. This smartwatch is compatible is with Android as well as iOS. The best feature of the Watch is that it has it’s own 2G connectivity, but does need a Smartphone to complement it perfectly.

Coming to the specs of the device, the S79 has a 1.54-inch, 240*240 Display with capacitive touch screen. Which does not sound that amazing on paper, but at 1.5-inches it’s as good as it can get. The display is vibrant, however, might be hard to see in sunlight.

The ZGPAX S79 is powered by a MediaTek MT6260 SOC clocked at 360MHz with 64MB RAM and 128MB Internal Storage (ROM). This seems to be a standard when it comes to watches in this category. MediaTek has been pushing Wearable very aggressively in the Chinese market, as well as globally.

The S79 has GSM 850/900/1800/1900 bands for 2G. Yes, 2G. You might not even end up using this feature at all, but if you wanted to, it’s there nonetheless. Again, a feature which is targeted at a very small variety of users, but, again, it’s there just in case.

The device is water-resistant, has G-Sensor, a 7W Speaker, Bluetooth 3.0 with Bluetooth headset function and BT Sync. All of this is powered by a 310mAh Li-ion battery at 3.7V, which can be charged up with the 5-Pin Micro-USB port. The choice of 4 different colors is an advantage as well. You can choose between Tan Brown, Baby Pink, Black and Blue

You can buy the ZGPAX S79 from Gearbest at $27.54 USD, which free shipping.

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