Amkette launched Evo Gamepad

Everybody own a smartphone, ┬áif there is somebody doesn’t own a smartphone, that person is considered ‘out-dated’ or ‘old-school’. We live in a world where Smartphone is a must-have all rounded device for Productivity, Work, Gaming and yes, Social life too. Smartphones have been living up to the demand in regards to power, features and hardware. However, Gaming, a major part of Smartphones and Tablets hasn’t changed on how they work or how users interact with them. Smartphones are a point where they can replace most Desktop PC’s of many people, but not their Gaming consoles. That changes now.


Amkette launched a Bluetooth based gaming controller for Smartphones. And it’s a good one too at under 3,000 INR. The Amkette Evo Gamepad will allow you to connect your smartphone to enjoy a full-featured gaming experience weather you’re playing a Racer or an FPS game.

Amkette has put a lot of effort into making sure that the Evo Gamepad has all the features to make gaming more enjoyable and become an essential in every travel bag, and in every mobile-gamer’s hands. The Evo has been built with rubberized plastic and Amkette’s inspiration is reflected from Xbox and Play Station controllers, which is a good thing, because users don’t have to have huge learning curve. Just pick up and play away! The Evo Gamepad has a 400mAh battery inside which according to Amkette will be enough to last for hours of Gaming sessions, and can still be charged over the industry-standard, Micro-USB.

Adding to that, the controller also can hold the phone with an included phone holder built-in into the controller, to give that more immerse experience of a hand-held console.

You can buy the Amkette Evo Gamepad from Flipkart or Amazon at 2,799 INR

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