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Amkette launched Evo Gamepad



Everybody own a smartphone,  if there is somebody doesn’t own a smartphone, that person is considered ‘out-dated’ or ‘old-school’. We live in a world where Smartphone is a must-have all rounded device for Productivity, Work, Gaming and yes, Social life too. Smartphones have been living up to the demand in regards to power, features and hardware. However, Gaming, a major part of Smartphones and Tablets hasn’t changed on how they work or how users interact with them. Smartphones are a point where they can replace most Desktop PC’s of many people, but not their Gaming consoles. That changes now.


Amkette launched a Bluetooth based gaming controller for Smartphones. And it’s a good one too at under 3,000 INR. The Amkette Evo Gamepad will allow you to connect your smartphone to enjoy a full-featured gaming experience weather you’re playing a Racer or an FPS game.

Amkette has put a lot of effort into making sure that the Evo Gamepad has all the features to make gaming more enjoyable and become an essential in every travel bag, and in every mobile-gamer’s hands. The Evo has been built with rubberized plastic and Amkette’s inspiration is reflected from Xbox and Play Station controllers, which is a good thing, because users don’t have to have huge learning curve. Just pick up and play away! The Evo Gamepad has a 400mAh battery inside which according to Amkette will be enough to last for hours of Gaming sessions, and can still be charged over the industry-standard, Micro-USB.

Adding to that, the controller also can hold the phone with an included phone holder built-in into the controller, to give that more immerse experience of a hand-held console.

You can buy the Amkette Evo Gamepad from Flipkart or Amazon at 2,799 INR

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Hyper Cloud Drone Review!



There are a number of gaming headsets available in the market ranging from 500 and going towards 20,000INR. If you are a casual gamer like most of us, You would want a pair of headphones with a decent mic and a headset which could give you surround sound so that you can hear all the footsteps as well. So today I am going to review a very popular headset amongst gamers, the Hyper X cloud drone which claims to do all of this.

Box Contents

In the box, you get the headset itself and a quick start manual. It has a 1.5-meter cable and I feel it is a bit small for PC gamers. I would have liked an inclusion of an extender cable. Also, the headphones feature a single 3.5mm jack which has connections for both the mic and the speakers. So a splitter would have been a great as well. A splitter would have separated the mic cable from the headphones cables, This is necessary for PC gamers.

Build Quality

The headphones are made up of good quality plastic and apart from the mic, You won’t find any piece of metal. These are Closed Back over-the-ear headphones because of which they have excellent noise-isolation. However, When listing on high volume, There seems to be good amount of sound leak. The cushions on these are very soft and have a leather cover on them. You can wear them for hours and you won’t feel any fatigue.

Sound Quality

I have tried many pairs of gaming headset but I haven’t found any which is as good as these in gaming. You can hear every footstep well and you can easily figure out where the other opponent is. The audio of other players are also heard well. In short, These are great for playing games. It has surround sound and the audio is sharp and clear.


As these are gaming headphones, you should not expect some great music output. They lack bass so hearing any bass heavy songs feels stupid. It’s not that they suck in outputting music it’s just that they aren’t the best choice for this. You can still hear songs but if you are buying them just for listing to songs then please DON’T. There are many headphones in the market for listing to music.

Volume Control

You get a dial to control the volume on the headphones itself. It is a great feature as there are sometimes in games when you need to increase/decrease the volume as per the gameplay. I was playing CS:Go and wanted to hear the footsteps behind the wall so I instantly increased the volume and guess what, I found that the whole team was there and was able to inform my team before hand.


The Microphone on this is decent enough and is fine for gaming. You do get a bit of background noise here and there but overall the mic is good. Just don’t use it for the song you always wanted to record.


These feature a 1.5M braided cable. As I said before the wire is a bit small. The wire is thick and can handle a good amount of tension So it won’t be breaking anytime soon.

Final Verdict!

If you are looking for a gaming headset in a budget of up to Rs 4000, then these are the Best you can get! They are comfortable, functional and have features which you expect from much higher end headphones.

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Asphalt 8 Airborne vs Real Racing 3: Androidracing game comparison..



Two of the most popular racing games on Android are about to go head to head. Which handles the smoothest? Which has the best engine? Which has the sparkliest paint job? Okay enough of the metaphors, I’m going for a test drive with these Android racing games on our Google Nexus 7 (2013). Let’s take a look…

Introduction :

EA Mobile have a ton or popular Android games under their belt, such as Plants vs Zombies and The Simpsons: Tapped Out. RealRacing 3 is one of the most downloaded racing games on Android, featuring astounding graphics, officially licensed tracks andtons of cars, it offers a true-to-real-life racing experience.Real Racing 3 is serious business.

Gameloft are another huge Android developer, producing titles like the Real Football series and the recently released Modern Combat 5.

Asphalt 8:
Airborne is the latest addition to their widely popular Asphalt series, focusing more on exotic locations and crazy stunts than the grounded realism ofReal Racing.
The Asphalt 8: Airborne title screen hints at the over-the-top action you can expect from it.


Gameplay :

Real Racing 3 :

In Real Racing 3 you begin your journey with only one car and no status, and must win competitions to improve both. There are a variety of real-life races to take part in, all but one are locked when you first begin the game, so you are steadily introduced to bigger races and steeper competition as you progress.There is certainly a lot of content here, each race has avariety of challenges. You earn money and fame by completing each race, and the money awarded allows you to unlock more cars or upgrade your existing ones. Your car needs serviced or upgraded from time to time and you must spend the money awarded from your winnings or from your purchases. One means you will have to wait for a few minutes for the repairs to take place and the other is instant. (You can guess which payment method is instant.)Once you have unlocked a race, your car still needs to meet a certain “PR standard”to qualify, meaning spending more money or points to upgrade it..

Real Racing is a really comprehensive package, it has leaderboard integration so you can see how your friends are doing and try to beat their high scores, and some great race events like Itan elimination mode where every twenty seconds the person in last place is eliminated, which adds another layer of excitement to the proceedings.But some annoying things get in the way. It’s great that Real Racing can offer real cars and locations, but the price structure is crazy. You are often prompted to spend real life cash to fix-up your car, it’s the state of free to play games, but it’s incredibly cynical. It’s an unneccessary limit that only detracts from the overall experience. Also, I was often prompted to download albeitsmall updates when I wanted play certain levels orchallenges.Real Racing 3 does well to remain stable with so many on-screen vehicles.
Asphalt 8 :
Asphalt 8 throws realism outthe window. If you’re familiar with something like the “burnout” series, you should be right at home with Asphalt 8. It relies on drifting, using turbo boosts, and making jumps to stay ahead of the competition. It’sfrantic and often exhilarating.By the 8th iteration of the game you would hope Gameloft know how to make the racing mechanics work, and truthfully the actual racing is fantastic. You get a real sense of speed and drama, crashes feel realistic,the tilt controls work nicely, and blasting through the London City Streets or Nevada desert is beautiful. Crashing your car at high speed causes a “wreck”, which happens often. Fortunately, the penalty only takes you of the race for a second or two.Asphalt 8 offers you a number of ways to customize yo
Like Real Racing, you can purchase in game currency or earn it through winning races, but it doesn’t pose quite as significant a threat to your wallet as EA’s offering does. For starters, your vehicles won’t cost you money to be maintained. You are reminded of what you can prurchase before every race however.Features quite a brutal online experience which worked super-quick. In not time at all I was up and running with other players. Italso has some other interesting modes which focus less on simply racing to the finish line, like Knockdown, where you mustcreate more crashes than your competition.  The motion blur and particle effects of Asphalt 8 really add to the experience.

Controls :
Real Racing 3EA have done a good job of making the controls feel responsive enough for the tight turns and precise handling necessary to beat your opponents. The brakes and acceleration are alreadytaken care of for you, so all you do is rotate the device in your hand. The races are decided by how well you canmaster the turns, the controlsare all-important, but thankfully EA have delivered in this department. Gesture controls aren’t really my thing, but neither are touch-screens, and while the screen never feels like I have complete control, I was impressed that most of the time it did what it should.Real Racing 3’s gesture controls are responsive and intuitive.
Asphalt 8 handles in a similar way to Real Racing 3but adds on screen controls for another layer of depth, and difficulty, which I found it hard to manage on the Nexus 7. It’s simple enough in principle, you rotate the device like a steering wheel to turn right and left, but tapping the left side of the screen manages your break/drift, and tapping the right side uses your “boost”. Maybe this will work better on smaller devices, but I often worried I would drop my tablet when trying to avoid on-screen danger.
Asphalt 8: Airborne certainlylives up to its name…
Graphics :
Real Racing 3Overall, Real Racing 3 has great presentation and graphics, even if there is a frame rate drop at the start ofraces or when all the cars are together on-screen. There are a ton of different stages, including some nice city levels, and the car models look really sharp. Realistic physics also ensure damage appears on your car in real-time, with bumpers hanging off and trunks caving in when they become damaged.Real Racing 3’s graphics engine makes it look fantastic on devices that can handle it.
Asphalt 8:
Airborne houses some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen on a game from the Play Store. Brilliant particle effects, destructable environments and debris, and on-screen facets like lens glare all add to the already great art style. The locations, while featuring fewer than in Real Racing 3, are completely different fromeach other, and there are a number of cool things going on in the background to distract you, from air balloons and planes flying past, to giant robots just hanging out. It’s really impressive.At night Asphalt 8 looks particularly impressive.

Conclusion :
It goes without saying that both of these games can become money guzzlers if you let them, so in the end it depends on whether you favor a realistic driving sim or an arcadey romp. For me, Asphalt 8 has more interesting and exciting minute-to-minute racing. It’shard to create a realistic feel on an Android device, so Real Racer 3 is already fighting a losing battle. Asphalt 8 also makes success without spending money is a little more achievable, and has a better soundtrack too. So I think Asphalt 8:
Airborne has pipped Real Racing 3 to the post.

Have you played either of these Android racing games yet?

Shankar sj Posted from WordPress for Android

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Business is Booming..(GTA V)



Rockstar Games has announced a new free DLC pack will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3




According to the Rockstar Newswire – The Business Update will include new sports cars including the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R and will also include the new the Vestra airplane.
In addition there will be new weapons availble including the Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine as well as new outfits, hair styles, tatoos and masks available for purchase on GTAO.











Grand Theft Auto V features three playable characters. When you opt to switch characters, a Google Earth-like view appears and the camera zooms in on the character that you selected. You can access any of the three protagonists off-mission with free-roam, but you cannot access them on-mission. Once you are in the mission, you can still switch characters, but only for unique objectives. The main characters of GTA V and NPCs feature thousands of custom animations.

  • Click Below Link to Download Brief Description of  GTA V Characters..






Grand Theft Auto V has a wide variety of weapons to choose from – the most in any GTA game, with a total of 30 weapons in the Standard edition of the game, plus 3 available only in the Special and Collectors Editions. R* promises more weapons to be added to the game with future DLCs.

  • Click Below Link to Download Brief Description of  GTA V Weapons..








GTA games always offer a fun selection of cheats. In the past, these cheats were activated by entering specific combinations of buttons on the controller, or by keying in words or phrases in the case of the PC versions. In Grand Theft Auto IV, cheats were activated by dialling phone numbers on Niko’s cell phone, though unexpectedly the button combination system made a return in GTA V.

Cheats make the game easier to play, for example by restoring the player’s health, supplying ammunition or removing police ‘wanted’ levels. Sometimes, however, cheats can have interesting or unusual effects, and such cheats are added for comedic purposes or to make the gameplay more exciting.



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You’re Lucky Cause WWW.AMAZON.IN have Available Stoks-

  1. GTA V (XBOX 360)
  2. GTA V (PlayStation 3)
  3. GTA V (Collectors Edition )






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