OnePlus 5 vs LG G6 Gaming Performance test!

Not a PC Gamer? Prefer playing games on your phone? Thinking to get a high-end device? This is the right post for you! We’re here with the battle of the two high-end devices in terms of gaming, The OnePlus 5 vs Lg G6 gaming. Talking about the hype OnePlus 5 had, it got the same […]

Amkette launched Evo Gamepad

Everybody own a smartphone, ┬áif there is somebody doesn’t own a smartphone, that person is considered ‘out-dated’ or ‘old-school’. We live in a world where Smartphone is a must-have all rounded device for Productivity, Work, Gaming and yes, Social life too. Smartphones have been living up to the demand in regards to power, features and […]