5 Apps that should be in a smart phone


In today’s world, ‘Apps’ are the most used word. Your smartphone has all necessary apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, messenger and many more but still some time comes when you don’t find a feature in your phone and you would think that this feature should be there. So here are some apps that could help you in your daily work.

1)  Smart tools
Smart tools has some basic yet necessary options in it. It has compass, torch, leveler, a angle measuring device, vibration checker and a ruler

2) Google Goggles
Google goggles is one app which is always their in my phone, it can scan qr code and barcode. Google goggles can tell the name of any object you see around you. It may be a tree or a pair of shoes.


3) Smart voice recorder
Now days some phones do not have a voice recorder so you can use this, the voice clarity is just awesome and has some other features too.


4) Firefox
I am a pretty much google’s hard core fan but when it comes to chrome in android, it sucks. So the browser which I like the most is Firefox, it I’d fast, simple, and looks great.

5) Quick Office
Quick office is a nice simple application to open all your documents. It can create a presentation, spreadsheet and a document. It I’d simple and does the work efficiently.

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