Install Nexus launcher on any phone [Updated]


The Nexus launcher just got leaked and is apk is out for everyone, but sadly it is not compatible with most of the devices. So today we will show you how you can install Nexus launcher on any phone no questions asked. The Nexus launcher will be the launcher coming on phones with Android N, so that means phones like Nexus 7 are going to come with Nexus launcher. Nexus launcher is minimal, simple and yet very functional. So let’s show you how you can install Nexus launcher on phones like Samsung Galaxy s7, s6, Motorola Droid, LG G5, etc.

Install Nexus launcher on any phone

Install Nexus launcher
Install Nexus launcher

Method One: By Installing the optimised apk

So the most simple and easiest way is to download and load the optimised apk which should work on most of the phones.

Click here to download the apk.

This should possibly work. Make sure to check Enable package loading from your phone settings (Settings-> Security). If you are one of those who still wasn’t able to install the Nexus launcher, don’t worry.Just follow the Method 2 and you should be good to go.

Method 2: By recreating Nexus launcher on Nova launcher

As the name suggests, we will be taking our great old nova launcher and turning it to look exactly like the Nexus launcher by Google.


Nova launcher
Polygon Icon Pack
Zooper Widget
Zooper widget skins


  • Copy those 2 .zw files (from the zip file above)
  • Add a 4×1 Zooper Widget to your homescreen (add it to the top :P)
  • Tap the widget to set it up, tap SD Card, select the new search widget skin!
  • Add a 1×1 Zooper Widget to your homescreen
  • Tap the widget to set it up, tap SD Card, select the little up arrow!
  • Press the back button and you should be good to go!

Setting up Nova launcher-

Open Nova launcher settings-

  • Select desktop, make sure width Padding & Page Indicator are “none” and Persistent Search Bar is disabled
  • Open app drawer settings and set app drawer style as vertical
  • Set drawer background color to white with 10% transparency.
  • Scroll accent should be teal
  • Transition animation should be Slide up
  • Open dock settings and select shape as rectangle
  • Change the tint to white, and adjust the transparency to 90%
  • Go to gestures and input settings and choose Swipe up to App drawer.

This should make your home screen look exactly like the Nova launcher. XDA-developers did a video on the same explaining well so make sure to view the video as well.




Source – XDA

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