Brainwaavz M5 review – For the Audiophile in you

We recently reviewed a bluetooth earphones from brainwavz, Blu -200 which sounded great and we thought, they were excellent for their price. Today we have the Brainwavz M5, a pair of wired earbuds but not just an ordinary earphones; They are something different which we will find out in the review!

Box Contents

IMG_2519 (Custom)

  • A pair of Earphones
  • 7 Pair of rubberised Eartips
  • Single pair of Comply foam ear tips
  • Clip
  • Hard Casse
  • Instruction Manual

Build Quality


IMG_2500 (Custom)

Brainwavz has been making earphones from quite some time, and this thing has been persistent. The build quality of the earphones is top notch. They are made up of high-quality metal which won’t give out anytime soon. The only thing I am concerned about is the earphones tip. They are made up of Plastic unlike the shell can easily break when in pressure.


The wire on these earphones is nothing special. I would have liked to see a non-tangled cable for the premium we are paying.

Sound Quality

These earphones are made for pure balanced sound. The mid and low levels are finely tuned while the high level lacks some bass. Unlike the Brainwavz BLU-100/200, they are made for a very balanced sound, they don’t have any punchy base neither have a high treble. The earphones make you hear the audio as it was meant to. You can say that these are studio earphones. You hear the pure sound. I am a kind of guy who likes Bass and at first, when I listened to them, I didn’t like them. I used them for a couple of hours, and I started liking them. The pure sound which they give is exceptional. These earphones can easily be used to monitor audio, and will be a perfect choice for sound/video editors like me.

The earphones also come with a pair of Comply tips. The tips are made of form adjusts itself with the design of your ear. This makes solid grip much better than the silicon tips. But, with comply tips there is a bit of sound leaking, so it’s better to hear songs at low volume in public places:v.


Silicon Tips

With the Brainwavz M5, we get a total of 7 silicon ear tips which vary in sizes and type.

IMG_2513 (Custom)

The one on the top may look a bit different because that is a Bi-Flange tip, This meant for superior audio quality as well as better grip. I used them for the first time, and I was like Wow. These remove the gap between your ear drum and the earphone to a great extent which means that you hear the sound without any loss.

IMG_2514 (Custom)

These are the Bi-Flange tips.


IMG_2502 (Custom)

The Brainwavz M5 also comes with a mic so that you can take all your important calls while wearing the headset. The mic quality is Excellent and much better than the mic present inside the phone. There also is a button present by which you can answer/reject calls and play/pause music.


If you are looking for a new pair of earphones which could give you a well-balanced sound, then you can easily go for the Brainwavz M5 earphones.

Brainwavz M5











  • Great Build Quality
  • Balanced Sound
  • Decent low end


  • Low Bass

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