Kingston R3.0 G2 Rugged Pendrive review


Often we leave our pen drives in our pocket and send our jeans to the laundry, Personally, it has happened to me three times and all three times my data was lost. So I started searching for a waterproof pendrive and I stumbled upon this. Kingston R3.0 G2 rugged pendrive.

Kingston R3.0 Review

Design and Build

The Kingston R3.0 looks rugged and classy. I was able to find only this colour of the pendrive. It has a black body with blue stripes over it.

DSCN0812 (Custom)

Along with waterproof feature, this pendrive is also shock proof so one can step on it, drop it and everything else but nothing will happen to the pendrive. I dropped it a couple of time and nothing happened to it though one may get some scratches but that is obvious. This pendrive is also one of the most portable pendrives in such category with the weight of just 11.3 grms. Overall the Pendrive is designed well keeping in mind the portability as well as security.

Waterproof Test

I  dropped the pendrive in a glass of water for about 25 minutes and even after that it was working just fine. Kingston claims that the pendrive can be kept in the water for 1 hour with up to 1 meter of depth. So you can easily wash the pendrive in a washing machine :p

kingston-r3.0-waterproof (Custom)

Speed Test

It is obvious that it will have better speeds than a 2.0 pendrive so I tested it with my Adata 3.0 pendrive and After seeing the results I got a feeling as If I was looted, The Kingston 3.0 pendrive gave up to 3 times better result than the Adata 3.0 Pendrive. The Kingston pendrive gave a score of 157MBps Read and 50MBps write while Adata pendrive gave about 45MBps read and 19Mpbs write.

Kingston 3.0 Vs Adata 3.0

Overall this pendrive works like a charm, It is waterproof, shockproof and has some insanely good transfer speeds.

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