Motorola no more producing the same quality?

A lot of you may know, I use a Moto G 3rd Gen as my primary device. I have been using it since it launched and now after a few months, I feel like Moto is not producing the same quality as it used to.

I always had a soft spot for Moto because of reasons like Stock Android, Good build quality, good price etc. Now with the 3rd generation of the devices, I don’t really see it anymore. My Moto G3’s volume rocker’s metallic coating seems to be going off. As the phone is waterproof, It is normal that it will be in contact with water more than other phones. The coating which Moto did on the buttons seems to be a victim of rusting. As you can see in the image below, we can see the plastic of the button and only a little of the metallic coating is left that too is slowly rusting off.

Motorola Moto G3 volume rocker rusting
Motorola Moto G3 volume rocker rusting


I also found something which we don’t normally see in other phones. The camera module and the metallic ring over it seem to have a little space in between. It may be that it has been created over time due to some dust particles but it looks a little scary as If the gap increases, The phone may no longer be waterproof as water can easily go through the gap to the inside circuitry.

Moto G Camera and metal gap
Moto G Camera and metal gap

Another big problem which I have come across is whenever I submerge the phone in water, The main speaker of the phone stops working and it doesn’t work until you shake the phone for a few minutes which maybe takes the water drops out of the speaker. Because of that, the phone is no more waterproof for me, I can’t risk the speaker every time I keep my phone under water. This even happens with just a few drops, If even a single drop of water enters the speaker grill, It stops working.

Moto G speaker Grill
Moto G speaker Grill

A few weeks back Moto released the Android Marshmallow update and It just destroyed all the fluent experience I used to get. I made a review video of it which you can see here.  After the marshmallow update, I am getting a number of bugs. The phone hangs while multi-tasking, sometimes all the icons vanishes when unlocking and then we need to restart and overall performance has decreased. People also faced some weird bugs.

Moto G Marhmallow update
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The Problems aren’t completed yet. The recently launched Moto G3 turbo seems to have Heating problem. We can blame it to the snapdragon 615 but the thing is why did Moto choose it firstly?

If you remember the Moto X 2nd Gen, It used to come in different models like bamboo, Leather, ebony etc. Over time, It was observed that the leather used to get worn out pretty bad and in some cases, It even came out of the casing. You can see in the image below how the Moto X got worn out in just a couple of days. You can see more about that on this Android Central forum.

pPoRWXs (Custom)
Moto X New VS Moto X after a few days of use

There also have been some Call Quality issues with the Droid Maxx 2 which will be launching soon in India. You can read more about that here.

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