Quantum USB HUB Unboxing and Review


If you ever ask a geek about an essential thing of his PC, he will mostly say the USB slots, USB slots are one of the most important parts of any gadget nowadays, You have them in tablets, mobiles, laptops and what not. It may be a time when you get into a shortage of USB ports and that is when you need a USB hub.

Quantum USB hub is one of the very few USB hubs which works great and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket.

Unboxing the USB hub, The first thing you see is a plastic wrapped box in which you get just the USB hub. You can also see the details such as the transfer speeds and other features on the cardboard itself.


DSCN0666 (Mobile)

The quantum USB hub is very portable and is also is very light making it a perfect choice for the travellers. You get 1 switch, a blue LED light and 3 USB ports on the top while you get a single USB port on the front. The Single USB port can be used for something which has an irregular shape while the 3 on top can be used for your pen drives and other cables. One of the best things about the Quantum USB hub is the transfer speeds. It is said that using a Hub reduces your transfer speed up to 5 times but in my case I was getting the same speed with or without the hub which is extremely astonishing keeping in mind the price of this product.

The USB hub has an approximately 1-meter wire which is optimal for table use.

Coming to the compatibility, I tested this Hub with Windows 7, 10 and Mac OS and the hub worked fine in all three. Quantum claims that the hub will also work on Linux machine but as I do not use Linux, I was not able to test it.

You can check out the full Video Review here –

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