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Antec brings the Signature series in India through Abacus peripherals



Antec has been known for providing high-quality case in a budget price. Few might now know that Antec also has it’s Signature series which provides the user the ultimate experience with classy looks, Great build and ultimate upgrade capabilities.

Antec has today launched Signature S10, a flagship case in an aggressive combination of versatility, sophistication and thermal performance in India. S10 is 60 cm tall and 59cm deep making it one of the largest cabinet case in existence.  However, the most important feature of the case is its 3 Chambers Design. The 3 Chamber Design solves the challenge of cooling by isolating its enclosure into three distinct zones: The Hard Disk drive chamber, The Motherboard Chamber and The Power Supply chamber. This helps in maintaing a good Air flow to each of these chambers hence making your PC more cooler.



With thoughtful design the Signature S10 provides maximum performance and efficiency with minimal fan noise for which Antec is known. The Signature Series comes in 2 variants, S10 and S10G evoking a quality that is unparalleled.


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Kingston HyperX Fury 2400MHz DDR4 Review!



If you are in the market for buying a new RAM, you most probably know about the HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM. Kingston is one of the oldest players in making DIMMS, and I believe it is one of the best. They make high-speed durable RAM sticks; even I have been using Kingston RAMs from past four years. So today, I will be reviewing the Kingston HyperX Fury 24000MHz RAM stick.


IMG_2711 (Custom)

The HyperX Fury comes in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB kits with the speeds of 2133MHz, 2400MHz, and 2666MHz; I have the 2400MHz variant, and it is the most popular DIMM in the series. HyperX Fury can also be overclocked upwards to 3000MHz though Kingston does not recommend it. The RAM stick has a CAS latency CL14-CL15( You can know more about CAS latency here) which is the reason behind its performance.


IMG_2714 (Custom)

Even though the RAM doesn’t have any tangy LEDs or Light stripes, It looks great from above. If you have the same DIMM on all your channels, then it will be a cherry on top. I only had one, and it still looks good.

The RAM runs on a high frequency of 2400MHZ and to keep running at the same speed; it requires a heatsink. It has a rectangular design which looks great.

IMG_2716 (Custom)

There have been some reports of overheating of DDR4 RAMS causing the whole system to heat; the DIMM never got above 50°C which is amazing for a RAM of this speed.

Power intake
It takes about 1.2V of power from your motherboard which is lower than the offerings from Corsair and G.Skill.

IMG_2713 (Custom)

The Kingston HyperX Fury comes with Lifetime warranty which is something you don’t see from brands like Corsair.

The Kingston HyperX Fury costs Rs. 3,599 which is a little bit high than other competitors. Even though Kingston offers overclocking capabilities, better support, and better quality, I feel like it should have been 300-400 bucks cheaper.

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PC Peripherals

INNO3D Geforce GTX 950 now available with Abacus Peripherals



INNO3D, An Official Nvidia GPU manufacturer has just made the INNO3D Geforce GTX 960 available with Abacus peripherals.

The INNo3D GTX 960 is powered by the Nvidia Maxwell Architecture which is currently the most advanced architecture delivering up to 3x the performance of previous generation cards. The 950 is known for its incredible power and the unmatched power efficiency. The INNO3D model is a step ahead.


The INN3D GTX 960 comes with HerculesZ modular design which makes it easy to clean and install. The fans are also made with extra care allowing it to run 24X7. The INNO3D is cable of playing games in 4K setting which is phenomenal for a card of this price. You can expect a buttery smooth gaming experience with this card even n some new “AAA” title like the Crysis 3 and Starwars battlefront.

This card can now be purchased for just 14495INR which in my opinion is a steal as 950 from brands like Asus are available for more than 16k.

You can buy the card from Abacus peripherals, thy are the national distributor for Nvidia INNO3D graphics card. You can check them out at their official website,

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