Antec brings the Signature series in India through Abacus peripherals

Antec has been known for providing high-quality case in a budget price. Few might now know that Antec also has it’s Signature series which provides the user the ultimate experience with classy looks, Great build and ultimate upgrade capabilities.

Antec has today launched Signature S10, a flagship case in an aggressive combination of versatility, sophistication and thermal performance in India. S10 is 60 cm tall and 59cm deep making it one of the largest cabinet case in existence.  However, the most important feature of the case is its 3 Chambers Design. The 3 Chamber Design solves the challenge of cooling by isolating its enclosure into three distinct zones: The Hard Disk drive chamber, The Motherboard Chamber and The Power Supply chamber. This helps in maintaing a good Air flow to each of these chambers hence making your PC more cooler.



With thoughtful design the Signature S10 provides maximum performance and efficiency with minimal fan noise for which Antec is known. The Signature Series comes in 2 variants, S10 and S10G evoking a quality that is unparalleled.


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