Corsair VS550 Review – The Best Budget PSU

Corsair is one of the few companies which doesn’t require any introduction. Corsair has been leading the Computer peripheral department since ages. Corsair has been making High performing RAMs, PSU and recently also started making some gaming equipment like Keyboards, Mice and Cases. A Corsair PSU can cost anywhere from Rs.2000 to Rs.20,000 and in between lies the one we are going to review, The Corsair VS550. The VS550 comes in budget series under the name VS. It is the cheapest 550watt branded PSU available to purchase. So today we are going to Review from top to bottom nd will also telling you what we liked and what we didn’t. So let Start!

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Corsair VS550 Review


One of the reasons why I like corsair is their packaging, the PSU was packed in such a good way that it tempted me to open it As soon as I got it.


So the box is pretty big and has got some details of the PSU. On the back of the box, we can see all the sockets it has. You can view the image below to get a nice glimpse.


In the box, we get some manuals, A warranty card, The SMPS with all the wires attached to it and an AC cord which is sadly American version and not Indian. We recommend not to use any Adapter rather buy a new cable, It hardly costs 20 bucks just ask for “Power cord” on any computer shop ;).


The build of a PSU may not matter to a lot but it somehow is essential as a PC has to last for at least 3 years and in that time your PC may encounter some falls or jerks, If the PSU has a bad build, It may give up on you.

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The corsair VSS550 is made up of high-quality Galvanized metal. You can also feel some texture on the PSU and that is maybe due to the paint on it. The metal used is thick and It won’t get bend even if you try a lot. The PSU has a 120mm fan which also has the same metal grill above it. The metal on the PSU surely protects it, but it also gives it a good weight making it weigh 1.7 hefty kilos. This can become a problem if you are using a cheap cabinet but If you have something from like Cooler master, Deepcool or Corsair; You are good to go.


The thing I didn’t like was that the intersection where 2 metal sheets meet, there is a small space in between which may collect dust over time.

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As said the Corsair VS550 has a single 120mm fan. As my PSU is new, It didn’t make any noise. I tried to listen any sound from it and shocking I was not able to hear any sound when standing about 2 feets away from the PC.



I have uploaded the image above so that you can recognise easily. The one on the top is PCI-e also known as PCI express. This is required on any additional equipment you add on your PC such as Graphic Card. On the upper right is the CPU Power cable. It is normally inserted adjacent to the CPU on you motherboard. You can see more about it here. The next cable is the 24 pin cable used to power the Motherboard. The last cable is used in SATA devices like HDD, SSD and DVD Drive.


These 2 cables are cables used to add other accessories. The one on the right is used to power up some old SATA devices and fans. The one on the right is another cable for fans. Some fans use the one on the right and some use the one on the left.

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Power management


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I am running an Overclocked fx6300 with GTX 960. My net system voltage is around 430watt and the 550 handles it well. It is always advised to buy 100 watts extra from the system voltage use. I searched a lot on maybe benchmarking this SMPS, but I couldn’t really find any way to benchmark it so I don’t have a lot to say in this section. Overall If you have a system which consumes around 500watts then this will work fine for you.

Final Verdict

VS550 is one of the best PSU you can buy under Rs. 3500 no questions asked. An awesome build, Netted wires, 120mm low noise fan and the extensive ports makes it the best buy. We tried really hard to find any disadvantage, but we were completely unsuccessful in finding them.

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As you may know, we have been covering mobile phones since a long time but never featured any stuff like this. If you want more reviews of Computer peripherals, Let us know in the comments below and I promise you, Technokick won’t disappoint you 🙂

7 thoughts on “Corsair VS550 Review – The Best Budget PSU”

  1. This PSU isn’t good, it has shitty capacitors which means low durability. Buy XFX/Seasonic/EVGA/Superflower instead.

  2. If you review something that needs to be benchmarked, then benchmark it. You can’t just say to your audience “It should do, ’cause I don’t know the difference between a good PSU and a bad one”. In that case, refrain from reviewing it at all, since your audience puts trust in you and your final conclusion.


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