Teewe 2 Unboxing and Hands-On

Recently we did a giveaway of 3 Teewe devices, Teewe is a banglore based company, known for it’s Teewe dongle. It is a compact HDMI media streaming device, Today they launched there new device, Teewe 2. Teewe has been a hit since they launched and was recently foreign funded too.

Teewe 2 has been a big upgrade to the Original Teewe, In terms of design, Support as well as the productivity. In the Review of Teewe, we said, So it is the Best, Yes definitely, after using its competitors Like Chromecast, You can see a lot of differences, It does the work well, You can play YouTube Videos, Play any file From your Mobile or PC, and Can also Play Live T.V, At the Price of only Rs. 1,999, It is The Best Streaming Device Available. We also included that things like subtitles, dual audio is missing. We were also sad about the bugs in the app and the big lag while mirroring. Since then, a lot of things has been changed, Is it now Perfect? We will find it out the Review which we would be publishing soon.

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Teewe 2 comes in a compact rectangular box much smaller than the Teewe 1.



DSCN7855   DSCN7856 DSCN7857   DSCN7858


Teewe 2
Box Contents!

So that’s all what you get in the new Teewe 2’s box (not that android figure :p). Initially, the feel of the Teewe 2 is pretty nice, Teewe 2 has now a compact design and is 30% smaller than the Teewe.


Teewe supports Android, Windows and as well as iOS. You also have software for Pc’s and Mac’s. There is also a extension for chrome for mirroring your chrome tab. As you see, Teewe 2 is supported on all major platforms. Teewe 2 works on the same app and doesn’t require any further implementation. It connected with the dongle easily and is working fine.

In my initial testing, Teewe 2 is a good upgrade towards the Compatibility with PCs. As the mobile app remains the same, the experience on the mobile is pretty much the same. Th big difference I am seeing is with the mirroring future. On the previous version, mirroring wasn’t very nice, but now it seems really nice. Teewe says they would be adding dual audio feature in the next firmware update. That would be a great feature which we can’t really see on other media streaming dongles.

That would have given you a brief layout of how the new Teewe 2 is, Do subscrie so that you can get notified when we publish the Review for the same.

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