Deal Alert – ZGPAX S79 Smartwatch Available for just $25

ZGPAX is a known chinese brand for making Smartwatches with a great quality. A month back the S79 became available and right now it is selling for a special price of just $25. So let’s have a look oon the watch and then we would also see how to get this awesome watch for just $25.

ZGPAX S79 Smartwatch Specifications

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The ZGPAX S79 is a Sim enabled Smartwatch which acts as a Smartwatch to get notifications from your Smartphone or act as a standalone Phone to make calls and receive them. THe app works on both Android and iOS with the companion app. The ZGPAX S79 takes a single micro SIM card. The ZGPAX S79 has a 1.54-inch screen similar to the previous model which helps in answering calls, selecting music etc.

This $25 watch also has features like sleep tracking and fitness tracking. The watch has a pedometer sensor by which you use record the steps you take. It also has sleep tracking feature by which you can track the amount you sleep. You can also see if you were in the deep sleep or restless If you have the right companion app.


Coming to the specs of the device, the S79 has a 1.54-inch, 240*240 which gives around  ppi density of 220 pixels. The screen size may not sound that amazing on paper, but at 1.5-inches it’s as good as it can get. The display is vibrant, however, might be hard to see in sunlight.


The ZGPAX S79 is powered by a MediaTek MT6260 SOC clocked at 360MHz with 64MB RAM and 128MB Internal Storage (ROM). This seems to be a standard with most of the chinese watches but they are usually priced around $60 which is lot lesser than $25. MediaTek has been pushing Wearable very aggressively in the Chinese market, as well as globally.

Get ZGPAX S79 for just $25.74

Gearbest, the chinese e-commerce giant is doing a sale on their elect watches by which you can buy this watch for just $25.74. The sale will end on 30th so make sure you buy it before that.


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