CM12 for OnePlus 2 : Best custom ROM for the OnePlus Two A2003

OnePlus has made a great hype with the OnePlus 2. Now as the OnePlus 2 has released people have started developing several Custom ROMS for the OnePlus 2. OnePlus had CyanogenMod on the installed on the OnePlus One and it was one of the biggest factor behind the great success of it.

CyanogenMod for OnePlus 2 A2003, A2001


The CM12 we have today is still in Beta state but belive me, It is one of the best Beta ROM I have seen thanks to its devloper, @GRARAK. Almost everything works except the finger print scanner and the laser focus. Overall the experience is great and you won’t find any such big bugs.

Do note that the ROM is still in Beta and you may find some small bugs in it. Still I personally feel that this is better than Oxygen OS and it gives the similar experience which we used to get on our beloved OnePlus 2.


Steps to Install –

  1. Boot into the Recovery
  2. Wipe Cache/Data in the Recovery
  3. Install the Zip
  4. Select the ROM, optional GApps (64-bit) [Google Apps]
  5. Done

Things that work –

  1. Camera
  2. Audio
  3. RIL as the kernals are out now
  4. Sensors
  5. Wifi
  6. Bluetooth
  7. GPS
  8. Notification Slider

Things that are not working

  1. FingerPrint Scanner
  2. Laser Autofocus





The review of the people are well and the performance is better than the Oxygen OS, here is the screenshot of Anutu Benchmarks.


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  1. Not as good as Exodus Android. Check that out. But until laser autofocus and fp scanner works, i’d rather stick with Oxygen OS, begrudgingly though.


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