LG118 Smartwatch selling for 34.99$ with Worldwide shipping


LG118 smartwatch is now available for as cheap as 34.99$ that too with free worldwide shipping. Lets see how much is this smartwatch capable off in this quick spec overview.


LG118 is a Single Sim standalone smartwatch which works easily without your smartphone too. You also can dial a phone number or can lookup from the phonebook and attend the phone from your wrist itself. You also have a feature of messaging from your app itself, though it may be little difficult to type on a small screen.

The LG118 also gives you feature to listen to your favorite Music from the Music player in the Watch. You can even listen from the loud-speaker or you can control the Music playback from your phone. It also has a front facing 0.3MP camera which will help in taking some cool selfie shots but the moment you transfer them to the phone you might get a little disappointed with the 0.3MP camera quality but we have to remember that this watch only costs one-fifth of the cheapest Android smart watch and still has a Camera.

You get a 1.54 inch touch screen, 240×240 pixels which may not be the best in the world but for a display on your wrist, what really cares is the functioning then little pixels.

You also have Sleep tracking in this watch by which you can say bye to those creepy fitness trackers who you have to wear adjacent to your watch. You can link the data of Sleep tracking to any fitness tracker app which supports bluetooth add-on and you are good to go. The watch also includes a Pedometer which helps in calculating the steps you took whole day and also let you know the calories you burnt.

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The user can also find thier phone by ringing it from the watch itself. This would be really helpful for people who often let their phone on silent and then forgot where to keep as the phone rings on full volume no matter on which mode the user’s phone is.

The users also get features like Sound recorder, alarm, calendar and calculator which will come useful when in a hurry. You can get this watch in many colours including Tarnish, Nikel white, Nikel Black, Gold – White and Gold – Black.

You can buy the LG118 Smartwatch for just 34.99$ from Gearbest  which ships the watch for free too!

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