Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch now available for Preorder on Gearbest


As the smartwatches are trending in the technological world, everyone is trying to make their watches more beautiful and the Zeblaze Crystal is one example of this, I haven’t seen any watch more beautiful than this. It is slim built but still has all the functions, So today we will do a Spec overview of this watch and see what this watch is capable off.


Talking about the physical appearance, the Zeblaze Crystal watch has a 3D single curved tempered glass which will protect the watch even when it by chance falls from a table, The tempered glass also helps in preventing scratches to an extent. It has a metal band around the watch which makes he watch looks like a beast with giving some extra protection. On the back side of the watch is the heart rate sensor which we will discus in a bit.


On the Performance side, The Zeblaze Crystal has a MTK2502 chip with Bluetooth 4.0 which assures perfect compatibility with iOS and Android Operating System. It has 128MB of RAM which is good for a smartwatch. It also has 64MB of internal storage which will be mostly consumed by the OS in it. The wearable also has a HRM heart rate monitor which tells the real-time heart rate of the user similar to what the Apple watch has.1438814666768-P-2919781

The watch also has Sleep tracking, by which you can retire the other fitness trackers who you have to wear adjacent to your watch. You can link the data of Sleep tracking to any fitness tracker app which supports bluetooth add-on and the user is good to go. The watch also includes a Pedometer which helps in calculating the steps you took whole day and also let you know the calories you burnt.

The watch also has an App by which you can make this watch act as a shutter for your Camera in the mobile and can easily snap pictures from your phone while tapping on your watch.

The main use of any Smartwatch is to show the Notifications of your phone and this watch does that efficiently, with bluetooth push notifications, the watch displays the same notifications which your phone gets. The Zeblaze Crystal is IP65 certified which means that the user can easily take the watch while watching his hands or even having a shower.

The user can also find their phone by ringing it from the watch itself. This would be really helpful for people who often let their phone on silent and then forgot where to keep as the phone rings on full volume no matter on which mode the user’s phone is.

You can preorder the Zeblaze Crystal from Gearbest for just 64.99$ with free worldwide shipping!

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