How To – Change Wallpapers automatically in Windows 10


Microsoft has finally released the windows 10 and it is very different from the Past windows 8 as well as windows 7, Even things like changing the wallpaper is a bit different from the previous generation of windows. Windows had been very similar from the past, the things like uninstalling a program or applying a wallpaper has been same from every version of windows but Windows 10 is a little different. So today I will tell you how to change wallpaper automatically in the Windows 10.

Change wallpaper automatically in Windows 10

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Make sure you are on the desktop.

1) Right Click on the desktop and select “Personalise“.

2) You will get a windows like this,

Capture (Copy)


3) Now in the drop down menu, select Slide show, you will get an option to select a folder like this

Capture3 (Copy)

4) Select the folder in which all your wallpapers are, If you have them at separate places, I would advice you to just copy them to a new folder in your drive.

5)Select the time frame in which you want them to change that is, If you select 1 minute, then the wallpaper will change every 1 minute. You can choose from 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours and also daily.

6) Now just close the window and it will automatically start displaying the slide show.

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