Guide – Upgrade to windows 10 without Media creation tool

Windows wanted to make the upgrade to windows 10 hassle free but unfortunately it isn’t, people are getting errors as well as places where the internet is slow, The media creation tool is a disaster, So today I will tell you how to upgrade to windows 10 without Media creation tool.

Upgrade to windows 10 without Media creation tool

No doubt the Media creation tool is not bad but you can easily skip the process of downloading the system files in Microsoft windows Media creation tool.

For all the windows user it is necessary to upgrade to windows 10 with the Media creation tool but for user with different OS, they may download the ISO directly so we would be doing pretty much similar, we will act as if we are a Mac user and the Microsoft site will provide us a link for windows 10 ISO.

Step 1) Download this User-Agent Switcher chrome extension, Make sure install it.

Step 2) Click on the icon on your Chrome and Select Mac in Safari browser.


Step 3) Now proceed to this link on Microsoft Website.

Step 4) Now you can see that instead of Media creation tool, you have the option to directly download ISO. Select the Edition of Windows 10 you want, I will say to go for “Windows 10” if you have a PC r a Laptop and not a tablet.


Step 5) Select the language you want.

Step 6) Now the website provides you with direct download links for ISO both in 32 bit and 64 bit versions. The link generation is valid only for 24 hours, so we cannot share the links directly here. You can use these links to download the ISO without using the media creation tool.



Thats it, you will have the Direct links for Windows 10!

If you are not getting the Direct ISO link in step 4, clear your cache and try again.

Now follow the part 2 from here – Install Windows 10 on bootable USB, and you can easily upgrade your windows to windows 10 🙂

Still have a problem? Comment below and I will look into it.

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