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[ How to ] Return Apps once Purchased from the Mac App Store



There may be a time when you think an App is really nice but when you actually buy it and use it, you find it with a heck load of bugs or maybe it is no longer functional for you. For this apple has made a procedure where you can ask for a return of the App and hence getting your money back.

However, Apple has not made it simple but rather a really difficult task. I will try to show you how to do is as Simple as possible. So here are the steps:

How to Request for Refunds for Mac Apps which you bought


Step 1: You need to go to this link – and it will open your app purchase history directly inside iTunes Software. If you are not able to click on this link or maybe that’s not working for you then, open iTunes on your Mac and choose

 Store -> View Account

Next click See All under the Purchase history section to see all your recent app purchases.


Step 2: Now Click the “Report a Problem” link available against all your recent app purchases( near the price text). If the Mac app is not listed in your recent purchased list, click the little grey arrow to expand the order that contains your app and click the Report a Problem link against that app that you are looking to refund.




Step 3: After that, it will redirect you the website in your default browser which is a sub website of Apple itself and here you have to specify the reason for requesting a refund for the app. You are more likely to choose “I didn’t authorize the purchase” or “Item functions but doesn’t work as expected” and describe the exact issue you are experiencing with the app.


mostly the app is eligible for a refund, If the app is eligible for an immediate refund, you’ll see a “Request Refund” button right away and the refund will be processed in 5 to 7 days. In case not,  someone from the Apple support team will contact you within 48 hours via the email address associated with this Apple ID to resolve your request.

Well that was this simple, I hope it would have helped you. Do let me know if it worked for you or not.

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E-Sim is the way to go!



I was just going through my email and found an email from a certain brand claiming that their phone is superior in Dual Sim technology, So I quickly opened it to see what new have they done, well all it was trying to say was that E-Sim is not supported by every telecom company and our phones uses conventional technology so we are better than apple. That got me thinking, I researched a bit and tried to look into all the carriers that support E-Sim. So here is my conclusion on E-Sim and if it is better than the conventional way.

E-Sims, Are they any Good?


So when we look at the list of carriers, almost all major US carriers support E-Sim. A few in Europe and a handful in India, namely Airtel and JIo. This state is right now when the new phones are not in the market, Once they get in, I expect more number of Companies getting into this boat. So what this means is that the chances are your carrier will provide E-Sim, If not now, then they will very soon.


To switch a sim from One phone to another is very simple, all you need is a small pin to open the bracket, take the sim and transfer it to the other one. For E-Sim, If your phone to say is non-functional, You will need to go to the nearest store of your carrier and get a sim or register a new E-Sim for your new phone. Well, this is not as easy as the previous one and for me, I like to change my phones very often.


A nano sim may seem pretty small but is very big compared to the internals of a phone, I recently disassembled a OnePlus 3 and got to know just how much space both the sims take, So having an E-Sim will definitely save that space and for that space, you can get upto 20% more battery.


It will take another year or so before the E Sims become less of a hassle but it is the future and the ideal way to go. It creates a lot more possibilities and No Doubt E-Sims will take over and Now as Apple has done it, more and more companies will try to do so as well.

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Apple might be ditching Touch ID for Face ID on iPhone 8



Its that time of the year when Apple will be launching the next iPhone is a couple of months. As usual, there are a lot of leaked shots and rumors. Till now, we know a bunch of things, It will be bezel-less, would have a  dual camera as well and will be coming with Wireless-Charging.

As there isn’t and chin on the phone, Many were suggesting that the fingerprint scanner will be inbuilt on the screen but it is turning out to be that apple might be just removing the Touch ID altogether. This has been revealed by the Apple Homepod’s  new firmware which was released a day ago. Well the release apparently includes a rough sketch of the front face of the “iPhone 8,” as well as references to its anticipated facial recognition unlock feature.

The latest leak goes well beyond supply chain rumors: Apple’s own HomePod firmware refers to a feature codenamed “Pearl ID,” which includes “FaceDetect” references. Various errors found in the code include a face that is too close or too far from the camera, and conditions for timeouts, multiple faces, and much more.

In addition, a rough outline of the new iPhone form factor was also discovered in the HomePod firmware. It shows a largely bezel-less handset lacking a home button, with an indentation in the display at the top for the earpiece and camera array.

Any image which surfaced online also suggested about the dual IRis scanners on the top bezel.

So it looks as if the Face ID will be the next new trend. Let’s wait for September and see what all Apple has to offer.

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Use your old phone as a security Camera for FREE!



Most of us have our old phone lying in some drawer which we aren’t using. What if you can use it to record your room or your garage that too without any accessory or any paid app? Today I would be showing you a way by which you can use your old phone as a security camera for free.

Use old phone as a security Camera

There are hundreds of apps which claims do the same but don’t worry, you don’t have to try each and every app and see which is good, I did this for you 🙂

I used a lot of apps and some were too much buggy, some were unfinished, some had a terrible UX and wasn’t usable. After trying around 7 apps, I installed Alfred. even though the name doesn’t seem like a Security camera app, once you’ll install the app, you will love it.

Security Camera

Make sure you have an active internet connection for this. Preferably Wifi.

Step 1

Install Alfred on the phone you want to make as a security camera from here for Android and from here for iOS.

Step 2

Open Alfred and click on the right arrow three-four times and then press start.

Step 3

Now select Camera. It will ask for the ID logged into your device. Select the ID you want.



This will record the motion whenever it detects it. You can also record whenever you want from the viewer. This has night vision and will also record audio. The recordings are recorded directly on Alfred’s server you can directly view it from their’s server. This is much better than being recorded in phone’s memory card as the storage can be filled easily on old phones which lack SD card support.

View your recording

You can view the camera live as well as view the old videos which your IP camera recorded when a motion was detected. For this follow the below steps-

On Mobile/Tablet

Step 1

Download the Alfred App from here for Android and from here for iOS.

Step 2

Open Alfred and click on the right arrow three-four times and then press start.

Step 3

Now select viewer and select your ID which you selected on your IP camera phone.


Step 4

Turn On the motion detection and you are good to go.

Now whenever someone comes in front of the phone, your phone will get a notification about it and you can directly view it. You can also say something by recording the mic button and the other person will listen to it.

On PC/Mac

Go to this link on your PC/mac and log in with the same google account you previously logged in with. Now you can see the list of the cameras installed.

The Best part of this app is that you can make several IP cameras and that too for free.

Do note that this article was NOT SPONSORED from anybody and I am not affiliated with Alfred in any way. I have been using Alfred with my LYF Flame 3 from past 5 months and it has been a great experience so I thought why not share this app with our viewers 🙂 So were you able to make your old phone as a security Camera? Let us now what you feel in the comment section below!

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