How to Insert – Remove Sim / Memory card on Infocus M330


Infocus M330 was relased almost a month back and it is one of the hits from Infocus. It has brilliant specs and a pleasant screen too. Following the trend, Infocus always make it a little difficult to insert Sim and memory card on this dual sim phone, so today I will tell you the full procedure on how to insert Sim Cards and Memory Card on Infocus M330.

Insert Memory Card on Infocus M330

Infocus m330

Step 1) Remove the back cover by inserting your nail in this little space and then puling it upwards. Slide your nail on the boundaries so that it open firmly without damaging the back cover. Remove the battery.

DSCN8068 (Copy)

Step 2) Take your memory card and insert it with the Chip side facing bottom. Then just slide it in till the time it fits well. That was it for the memory card now let’s get to the Sim Cards.

Insert Sim Cards on Infocus M330


Step 1) After you have successfully inserted the SD card you will now take a full size sim. It is also known as a mini Sim Card which is our conventional sim cards. If you have a micro or nano sim card then you need an adapter for it. You can buy an adapter from here which is very cheap and also of good quality.

DSCN8071 (Copy)

Step 2) Now for the first sim, Insert the sim horizontally with the Chip facing the bottom as shown in the picture above.

DSCN8072 (Copy)

Step 3) For the second sim you need to insert the sim on the opposite side, that is, the Chip should be facing upwards as shown above.


Remove Sim Cards on Infocus M330

Now if you want to remove the sim, just push the sim outwards from the small window above he sims, You need to remove the Sims line-wise, First the Sim 1 and then the Sim 2.

DSCN8073 (Copy)

So that was how you can insert or Remove you Memory/ Sim Cards from your Infocus M330. I hope it helped you. Do let me know if you were successful inserting the sim via the comment section!

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