Teewe HDMI Dongle Review – The Best HDMI Dongle Available?


It’s not been long when people used to buy some big serious set up boxes to make their TV “smart” through which they can watch YouTube videos, Surf Net and play music. People called it smart as it played Multimedia, that’s it, So, In late 2014, A Company Named Teewe, situated in Bangalore, came up with a device which can actually be called smart. Teewe is a HDMI dongle with some great features in it. So is it the best? Let’s find out.


the Interface of the app as well as on the TV is pretty nice On the Screen you got a blue background and on the Centre you got a Teewe logo and your Teewe’s Name, On he upper left you can See your Wifi Reception and on Upper Right is your time.

Teewe Dashboard
Teewe Dashboard

Where as on the phone you got all the controls, the teewe app is available on Android as well as iOS, you get a hell lot of features. The following are the Things you can get:

  • Youtube Videos ( Search for the video)
  • Movies ( Some selected Movies)
  • Live Channels – News/ Kids/ Sports
  • T.V. Shows
  • Music ( From you device)
  • Photos Videos of your Device

The Mobile Interface is pretty Simple, also on first start of the app, you can see a tutorial on how to use it.




Wifi Reception

The Wifi reception of this Device is Awesome, You easily get 2 bars even if your Router is 4 Rooms next.


Teewe’s build quality is Awesome, It has a great matte finish, which is neatly crafted, Its stiff and having it in your hand doesn’t seems like as if you are holding a Peice of Plastic. Its stiff, and it can bare some drops easily.Capturedv

Well Teewe is very Portable but you can’t say it very small, it’s twice the size of a pendrive and you have to keep it hanging behind the teewe. Well but the looks are great and it does the job well so no complaints.

Windows PC Teewe Program

As stated Teewe also can stram content from your PC, and itdoes it very well, You can play any moview from your laptop/PC and teewe will show you all the Discription and Ratings of it. The Design of the app is also Really Nice.



You also Can Mirror your PC, It seems a little laggy but still its really nice feature.


So it is the Best, Yes definitely, after using its competitors Like Chromecast, You can see a lot of differences, It does the work well, You can play YouTube Videos, Play any file From your Mobile or PC, and Can also Play Live T.V, At the Price of only Rs. 1,999, It is The Best Streaming Device Available.


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