Redmi Note 4G: The Best Budget Phablet?

Xiaomi, One of the new smartphone manufacturer from China launched Redmi Note 4G few weeks backs, Fortunately we got a oppurtunity to review it. The phone had some issues, we contacted Xiaomi about it, and according to them it was device specific.  It has a snapdragon 400 quad-core processor coupled with 2GB RAM and Adreno 305. It has MIUI v5 in it which has Android 4.4.2. It has a 5.5″ Screen with Gorilla Glass Class 3. 


The phone has a sharp IPS display, It has a great PPI density of ~267. Though it is not a Full HD Display but 720p is neither too bad. The display of Xiaomi Redmi Note does not really has a great colour Saturation but with some options in MIUI you get the most out of it. The 5.5″ Screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass Class 3.

Viewing Agle of the phone
View Angle is also Great

The Viewing Angles are also great, but in sunlight(at max brightness)  sometimes we felt like the brightness is not sufficient, the backlight in the buttons are also not up to the mark.



The Built of the phone is Sturdy enough, it has a glossy back, has a 5.5″ screen with some big bezels on top and bottom. I have some really big hands i am able to use it from a hand for some major tasks, but you can’t really reach the status bar from a hand. You have to use your other hand, but you are buying a phablet, and as a phablet, the build is pretty good.

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The OS of the phone is one of the good parts of the phone, MIUI v% is highly customizable, which means, you can customize from the colour of notification light, to the way your toggles on your status bar appears. You can customize almost everything, and with the option of changing themes, o can Choose your theme from the theme market which has around 4 million themes in it, You can also choose some things from a theme and some from other, which makes it more customizable, the OS has some great features like Security app, in which you have a cleaner, Antivirus etc. It has Android 4.4.4


The Battery backup of the phone is Excellent, I was able to get around 2 Days of battery backup on normal usage with wi-fi but without 3G, with 3G Internet also i was able to get more than a Day and that is really fantastic. Also it has two modes, Performance and Normal, so If you are getting a bad backup then you can check if it’s on Performance or Normal.  The 3100mAh battery does a great job.

redmi note back



The Performance of the phone is Good, that’s what I have to say, The games doesn’t lag, there are hardly any frame drops, but still while playing some high end games like Nova 3, you can observe some lags. That’s what benchmarks also has to say. The phone performs all the daily tasks nicely, all the games are playable without any lags except some. Here is what Antutu Says

Antutu Results
They aren’t great but in daily use, The phone works like a charm


The In-Call audio as well as the Back Speakers Have great Audio outcome, The sound is Crisp and clear yet it doesn’t seems to Buzz on high volume, neither the sound distorts.


So Should I Buy It? Yes you definitely should as other phones available in the market are not up to the mark, It has some great features and the awesome battery life makes it THE BEST PHONE FOR DAILY USE under 10K

Redmi Note 4G is available on flipkart without any flash sales, you can directly buy it.

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