Sony Confirmes: Won’t be shutting Down Mobiles and Televisions


A few days back, in a Speech, The CEO Kazuo Hirai of the Company Said

The electronics and entertainment giant would be focusing on camera image sensors, videogames and its core entertainment businesses, and in the process boost operating profits some 25-fold by 2018.

Following this, People started claiming about Sony quiting the Phone’s Market. A lot of people mailed Sony about the thing and they had a lot of interviews. Sony’s Bravia Series was often termed as the Best LED’s out there, and with the shutting of Bravia made a really bad effect on us. Well so to Clarify it, Yesterday in an Interview, A Sony’s VP,┬áDavid C. Hendler, Yesterday Stated that

“Seeing the market we were planing to Focus more on Playstations and Imaging Devices, but as of now, I would like to Tell you that we have got some great things coming up in MWC 15″

This clearly states that the company has changed their mind a bit. According to the Sources, They may quit a major production Site and would focus R&D towards Playstations but they won’t be shutting it off until this Year.

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