iOS App of the week: Fragment- a whole new aspect of Image customization.

Greeting fellow geeks,

We, the people at TechnoKick are constantly looking for something nice to share with you guys. Today, lets have a look at a very nice photo editor app which is ‘out of the box’ when compared with other editor apps. The app is called “Fragment” and is available on the App Store for free. (67MB with an average rating of 4.4 stars)


The app allows you to  add  a  whole new prismatic  look to any  image from your  iOS device taking device personalisation to a whole another level. The app is very easy to use it opens up with the screen smiliar to the one in the screenshots , for inspiration check out the inspirations tab where you could find a lot of  artwork made with the same app, hit photos and choose an image that will take you the the next screenshot.

Choose your canvas for the piece of art work  you want to create. The app will ask you to choose the aspect ratio (yes, it really does). Chose it wisely. Now you are left alone with you canvas to come out with your masterpiece.

and here’s what you would get in the inspirations tab.

Hope you like the app.

We do not believe in copying and pasting the app details in reviews, we believe in providing you the experience we have got without having you to go through the trouble of hunting in the app stores looking for a good app.

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Here’s a sample.



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