How to install TWRP onto your Redmi 1S *THE EASIEST WAY*


In my last article I covered on how to install the Mokee ROM on the Redmi 1S in which I also instructed people to Install TWRP indirectly. So today I though, why not directly? TWRP (Team-Win Recovery Project) is one of the best custom recoveries  out there which helps you to install ROM’s in an easy way!

So here we go!


What you will need :-

  1. A rooted device! (If you aren’t already rooted follow this tutorial on MIUI forums here :-
  2. TWRP image file :-
  3. Flashify app from Google Play Store –


Installation procedure :-

  1. Rename the image you downloaded earlier to recovery





2.  Open the Flashify app you downloaded earlier from the Play Store, select recovery, select choose a file, select the file that you renamed earlier and click on yup!


Congratulations! You have now successfully flash TWRP on your Redmi 1S! Flashing ROM’s just got easier!


Known Bugs :- None till Now


Credits :-

Ansuman Mahapatra from MIUI forums for the root tutorial

Teams behind the Flashify app and TWRP recovery


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