Project ARA: A Revoltion



Google’s Project ARA along with Phonebloks™ Arriving This 2015… to make a Revolution in the electronic Industry…

“The Prototypes are Ready” Says The Search Giant(Google).

The Actual Concept Behind This Project is the replace/Upgrade Outdated Hardware Components like camera,CPU,speakers, RAM,Display and also adding features like wifi, Projector,Bluetooth,GPS Systems Separately. It is Possible in the Smartphones with ARA…. (customizing Our Phone)

The Need For This Project is to Revamp the Electronics Technology and to reduce Electronic Wastes.

The Image Attached With This Mail clearly Explains the Concept.

Google Decided to launch these type of devices under its Name and made available as an Open Source Platform For Hardware Development..

Ara phones are built using modules inserted into metal endoskeletal frames known as “endos”. The frame will be the only component in an Ara phone made by Google. It acts as the switch to the on-device network linking all the modules together.

We can remove the Specific Module for upgrading purpose or to replace faulty Modules…

(Eg:Replacing Bluetooth 2.1 Module with 4.0 or Higher)

The Display is Mounted on the front Side and all the Other Hardware Modules like, Power Board,Processors,RAM,Storage and other featured Modules are mounted on the opposite side of the Frame.

Google’s Default settings allow only official Modules, but we can also Mount the 3rd Party Modules by changing the settings(Current Nature of App imstalling system of Android)

We can buy Hardware Modules by Purchasing or by selling the Old One.. On the dedicated. App store for Hardware Modules…

Whats our Benefit is we can overcome the annoyance of changing the Phone frequently…. We can just upgrade by replacing the specific module…

Technokick Team

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