To root or not to root!

There are a zillion posts on the internet about rooting your android, the question arises is what this post has which others dont?: nearly all other posts are about how to root your android or what rooting is? Here we are going to concentrate on the need of rooting for the beginners.
Wether you need to root your android or not is based following factors.

1)Your usage that means the way you use your phone, if you need your android device just the social networking and IMing then rooting it just for being a bit cool is not very advicable.

2) Your requirements that is what you want from your phone.

3) your device, having a low budget android and expecting it to work without lag is somewhat offensive, rooting and other after market concepts MAY take you towards that but MAY.

4) wether you want to risk your phones warranty or not? Not that every rooting process is dangerous but still none of the manufacturers are providing warranty for rooted devices in India.

Rooting gives you and other applications access to the core system of android, it’s like getting access to C drive of your windows computer, you cannot do much unless you have the knowlegde.

My advice to all the fellow aspiring rooters is consider some of the facts I mentioned before going forward with the rooting process and never forget to cross check any procedure mentioned on the internet.

Happy Rooting,
Stay tuned for more!!

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