Air pollution and 3M Aircon Filter


In which part of the country you’ve been living in? Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad? No matter what, the air you’re breathing isnt clean, at all! The source of urban pollutants is a mix of emissions from vehicles, coal-fired plants and industries such as cement and steel. Added into this mix are agricultural emissions from burning crop stubble, as well as rubbish. These emissions are aggravated by natural forces such as dust blowing into India from deserts to the west. Dangerous. Hazardous. Apocalyptic. Many environmentalists had used such words for Air Quality across our cities. The November smog in Delhi this year, for example, was worsened by a dust storm in west Asia, according to a study by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune.Pollution has taken over the country’s air and has an adverse effect on living things. No wonder, the air we currently breath is full with dangerous chemicals like sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and a few more! Unfortunately, dirty air has been seen as the unavoidable byproduct of economic growth ever since the coal-stoked advent of today’s day and age.

All these chemicals are thrown out by the factories of companies we praise a lot. In fear of getting affected by the outside air we sit at home and relax, but did you know that the air inside our houses is as dangerous as the outdoors, in fact, more dangerous! In fact few are aware but it is the indoor allergens and irritants that pose greater danger today because we are spending more time indoors due to rise in pollution level outside. Ever head of PM2.5? Nah?. PM2.5 are fine particles which is an air pollutant and can be ‘very dangerous’ for an individual’s health if the amount is high in the air. And guess what? PM2.5 levels are rising day by day in India. They can affect your respiratory tract very badly and cause short-term health issues like eye, nose, throat and lung irritation, coughing, sneezing, runny nose and shortness of breath. Exposure to high amount of PM2.5 can cause lung malfunctions and other fatal heart diseases.


So what do you do to avoid dirty air? Spend a lot of money on air purifiers and install them all around your home? It’s a good idea to make the purchase a planned decision, it’s a device you will use for years to come,  rather than a fear based one based on seasonal pollution levels.   It’s good idea to evaluate the dust and weather conditions in your local area and buy a device that best suits those conditions. Well, we’ve a handy solution for you. 3M has introduced an Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filter which can be easily applied on your AC. The filter comes in a pack of 2, which is to be installed over your AC filter, it’ll hardly take 5 minutes to do it yourself! The Electrostatic filter is very effective and traps most of the MicroParticles including PM2.5 and PM10. Most of us use the AC for a long time, why waste money on expensive air purifiers when you can get a way cheap filter which is as effective as your air purifier.

After using the filter for a while, you’ll see it turn black, which means the filter has block most of the MicroParticles and its working! 3M assures to give 83% cleaner air within one hour. Impressive! Now your indoor problem has been sorted out, worried about outdoors? Say no more, 3M also has respirators for out doors. Its the same thing just for outdoor purposes. These are both easy to use and affordable too! If we can reduce the intake of toxic pollutants by breathing clean and fresh air at least while we are sleeping, inflammation can be reduced which in turn reduces sick days. In light of this, I would even say, it is an ideal solution to deal with the current air pollution problem and the unhealthy air that we are forced to breathe.

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