Apple might be ditching Touch ID for Face ID on iPhone 8


Its that time of the year when Apple will be launching the next iPhone is a couple of months. As usual, there are a lot of leaked shots and rumors. Till now, we know a bunch of things, It will be bezel-less, would have a  dual camera as well and will be coming with Wireless-Charging.

As there isn’t and chin on the phone, Many were suggesting that the fingerprint scanner will be inbuilt on the screen but it is turning out to be that apple might be just removing the Touch ID altogether. This has been revealed by the Apple Homepod’s  new firmware which was released a day ago. Well the release apparently includes a rough sketch of the front face of the “iPhone 8,” as well as references to its anticipated facial recognition unlock feature.

The latest leak goes well beyond supply chain rumors: Apple’s own HomePod firmware refers to a feature codenamed “Pearl ID,” which includes “FaceDetect” references. Various errors found in the code include a face that is too close or too far from the camera, and conditions for timeouts, multiple faces, and much more.

In addition, a rough outline of the new iPhone form factor was also discovered in the HomePod firmware. It shows a largely bezel-less handset lacking a home button, with an indentation in the display at the top for the earpiece and camera array.

Any image which surfaced online also suggested about the dual IRis scanners on the top bezel.

So it looks as if the Face ID will be the next new trend. Let’s wait for September and see what all Apple has to offer.

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