Ambrane BT-6000 Bluetooth Speaker Review!

Nowadays there are n number of bluetooth speakers available in the market ranging from anywhere from 500 bucks to over 20,000INR. All the speakers do just one thing; they output sound. Some are great in it while the other ones just aren’t good enough. The Ambrane BT-6000 is a Bluetooth speaker as well but is also an Ambient light lamp. This is something very innovative and practical as well. Let’s have a close look on these.

Built Quality

Bluetooth speakers are made to be portable so that you can keep them in your backpack and use them on the go. The BT-6000 is not meant for rough conditions and is no way rugged.  It’s rather delicate and should be kept with care. It is build of plastic all around with the metal piece only being on the top as the speaker grill. The overall quality of the materials used is good. The buttons, however, are poorly made and lack the tactile feel.


In the connectivity sector, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth as well as with Aux cable(Provided in the box). You can also use a memory card to listen to songs.

Sound Quality

The speaker is loud, and the audio is clear as well. Due to it’s cylindrical design it handle’s base very well. The audio you get is very similar to a conventional speaker. It is loud and clear. It does not have that high end dominated sound which you get from say Mi bluetooth speaker. I did not expect such good Audio from a Bluetooth speaker so affordable.

Ambient Lamp

This is the best feature of this Bluetooth speaker. The lamp. There are two modes in it. First one has a Skin coloured light which can be used as a night light or just to cool the atmosphere. You can change the intensity of that light in three stages. In the other mode, you get six different colours, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple and magenta and also a phase where the light will cycle through all these couloirs. There is another mode in which the light will act as a visualiser and will glow according to the audio playing on the speaker.

Final Verdict

These are one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can buy under 2500INR. They handle base well and is good on the high end as well. The lamp feature is a great add-on and has a lot of practical uses as well. Overall this is one of the Best bluetooth speakers I have used.

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