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Ambrane BT-6000 Bluetooth Speaker Review!



Nowadays there are n number of bluetooth speakers available in the market ranging from anywhere from 500 bucks to over 20,000INR. All the speakers do just one thing; they output sound. Some are great in it while the other ones just aren’t good enough. The Ambrane BT-6000 is a Bluetooth speaker as well but is also an Ambient light lamp. This is something very innovative and practical as well. Let’s have a close look on these.

Built Quality

Bluetooth speakers are made to be portable so that you can keep them in your backpack and use them on the go. The BT-6000 is not meant for rough conditions and is no way rugged.  It’s rather delicate and should be kept with care. It is build of plastic all around with the metal piece only being on the top as the speaker grill. The overall quality of the materials used is good. The buttons, however, are poorly made and lack the tactile feel.


In the connectivity sector, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth as well as with Aux cable(Provided in the box). You can also use a memory card to listen to songs.

Sound Quality

The speaker is loud, and the audio is clear as well. Due to it’s cylindrical design it handle’s base very well. The audio you get is very similar to a conventional speaker. It is loud and clear. It does not have that high end dominated sound which you get from say Mi bluetooth speaker. I did not expect such good Audio from a Bluetooth speaker so affordable.

Ambient Lamp

This is the best feature of this Bluetooth speaker. The lamp. There are two modes in it. First one has a Skin coloured light which can be used as a night light or just to cool the atmosphere. You can change the intensity of that light in three stages. In the other mode, you get six different colours, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple and magenta and also a phase where the light will cycle through all these couloirs. There is another mode in which the light will act as a visualiser and will glow according to the audio playing on the speaker.

Final Verdict

These are one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can buy under 2500INR. They handle base well and is good on the high end as well. The lamp feature is a great add-on and has a lot of practical uses as well. Overall this is one of the Best bluetooth speakers I have used.

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Logitech X100 Bluetooth Speaker Review!



Bluetooth speaker is nowadays one of the essential things one should carry with him around, You never know when you want to party or just chill with some songs in the background. There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the market but the Logitech X100 is one of the most popular ones. So today we would be reviewing the Logitech X100 and seeing why really is the X100 so popular.

Logitech X100 Review – The Best Bluetooth speakers you can buy!

Key Specifications

  • Power Rating (RMS): 3W
  • Driver Size: 1.5 in (38.1 mm)
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL Max): >78dBC
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): <-85dBr
  • Frequency Response: 132Hz – 20kHz
  • Battery Details: 750mAh; 3.7V

Design and Build

The Logitech X100 is pretty small and is approximately the size of a palm. As you can see from the image below of a small cricket ball, The speaker is not that big and can also fit in your pocket. The speaker is very light as well at just around 240g.

The Speaker is made up of plastic all around except the metallic mesh on the top. The plastic used is of high quality and is rubberized at some places to prevent it from sliding. I have dropped the speaker many times and there are no scuffs or any damage at all. The speaker is very sturdy and can withstand a good amount of beating. The X100 comes with a small ling as well by which you can also hang it in many places.

Check out Logitech X50 – Logitech X50 Bluetooth Speaker Review!

Sound Quality

A Bluetooth speaker makes no sense if it does not produce good audio. There isn’t a good way to actually determine audio quality for you, So you would have to believe what I say. The audio quality of the speaker is phenomenal, The sound which this speaker produces for the size of it is just extraordinary. I have other Bluetooth speakers which are 3-4 times bigger than the size of this but they are not even near the sound this speaker produces.

There is enough bass, good treble and overall the audio is well adjusted. It can go very loud and in full volume, it can easily fill up a big room. It is the loudest speaker under 2,000Rs. I have tried many other speakers from brands like JBL, Le Tv etc and none is comparable to the loudness this Bluetooth speaker produces.

Battery Backup

The speaker will last for about 5 hours in 100% volume which however is too load and mostly you would be playing it on 50-60% volume in which It would easily last for 8-10 hours. THe charging time of the speaker is also very low of just 3 hours, Do note that charging time depends on the Voltage and ampere of the charger as well.


The Logitech X100 unline X50 comes with a microphone as well. THis is a simple microphone with no noise cancellation feature. The input range of the microphone is good and The other person on the phone can hear you even if the speaker is on the farthest corner of the room.


The Logitech X50 can be connected to an audio source by either Bluetooth or AUX cable. Most of the Bluetooth speakers don’t feature an AUX port, this speaker does which is of great help when connecting the speaker to your PC which doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.

Final Verdict

Overall, The speaker is a steal deal for the price it is available, In fact, it is the best Bluetooth speaker you can buy for under Rs 2,000.

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Bluetooth Speakers

Meizu BH01 Bluetooth headset Review!



There are a lot of Bluetooth headsets available in the market but none of them are good, some have poor range, some lack the battery life while some looks pathetic. So I went to amazon and started researching for a Bluetooth headset, I was thinking to make a list of the best ones but I could hardly find any. So I went to international sites and found the Meizu BH01 Bluetooth headset, So today I would be reviewing it and check if it’s worth your money or not.

Meizu BH01 Bluetooth headset Review

Box Contents

Bh01 with Box

The headset comes in a small but beautiful case. In the box, you get the following things-

  • micro-USB Cable
  • 2 Extra Eartips
  • Manual(In Chinese)
  • BH01 Headset

3 different sized Eartips which comes inside the box of BH01

Build and Design

The Headset has a very subtle and sleek design. It has a single button which performs multiple actions. The headset is cylindrical from the rear while from the front, it appears to be a rectangle. This is one of the sleekest headset available in the market. It is made up of good quality plastic and will not be breaking anytime soon. I have dropped it a couple of times as well but there is not even a single scratch on it.


Single Press: Turn On

Holding for 3 seconds: Pairing

Single Press: Pause

Double Press: Next Song

Holding for more than 3 seconds: Turn Off

Sound Quality

Even though the headset is relatively small, the sound quality is on point. The call is clear and loud. You can hear the other party well and would not face any issue. However, this isn’t the best choice for listing to music as the speaker lacks low-end completely.


These are the most comfortable headsets I have ever seen, Even though it lacks the outer ring which goes around the ear, the Eartip is very soft and fits snugly inside your ear. You can keep wearing the headset for all day and you won’t even notice it.

Noise Cancelling

The headset supports passive noise cancellation which means that it removes the noise caused by the bad network. At first I though it is just a gimmick but as the matter of fact it works and it works well. I have to say that I have been very impressed with this.

Battery Life

Meizu has mentioned of a working battery life of about 5Hours but surprisingly I was able to get up to 7 and a half hours of working battery life which for me means that I have to charge it once a week. I don’t think there is any other headset which can provide such battery life.


If you have been looking for a Bluetooth headset which you can use while driving, traveling or even while in office, This is definitely the best one you can buy. Surprisingly, they cost just 17$ so it won’t create a whole in your pocket. Below is a buying link from

Buy Now from Banggood

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Logitech X50 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review!



Recently I was searching for a good Bluetooth speaker after getting disappointed by the Le Tv Bluetooth speaker. Luckily there was a lighting deal going on, on amazon and I was able to grab Logitech X50’s for 1400 bucks. So after using them for more than a month, here I present you my review.

Key Specifications

  • Power Rating (RMS): 3W
  • Driver Size: 1.5 in (38.1 mm)
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL Max): >78dBC
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): <-85dBr
  • Frequency Response: 132Hz – 20kHz
  • Battery Details: 750mAh; 3.7V

Design and Build Quality

Want to know how I got the above image? Click here!

The Logitech X50 features a plastic body with a rubberised bottom. On the top, you get a different colored plastic grill with triangular sections. This makes the whole speaker look funky and cool. There are three circular buttons on the side which too are made up of rubber. On top, you also get a multi-colored LED which turns blue when turned on and purple when pairing.

Overall the Design and build quality are great. I have dropped it a few times and there is not even a single scratch on it.


On the connectivity front, you get an option for auxiliary input as well as for Bluetooth. The Bluetooth used here is Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) which ensures you get max range with good quality of sound. I would have liked the inclusion of an aux cable. In the box, you only get a small micro USB to USB cable.

Sound Quality

The sound is clear up to 90% of volume bar. It gets pretty loud and is sufficient for medium to large rooms. It is even louder than the Le Tv Bluetooth speaker and has, even more, bass then it. Actually, it is as loud as the speakers triple of it’s size. The Bass and treble are on point and you won’t be able to differentiate between its sound and sound of any 2.1 which you might be using with your PC. Because of this, I have removed my Creative 2.1 setup as it used to create a lot of wire clutter. I can’t show you how loud it is or how clear the audio is but believe it. It is Amazing how such small speaker outputs such fantastic audio.

Battery Life

The battery life claimed by Logitech is 5 hours on 100% volume. in my testing, I was able to get 7 hours of playback in 6-70% volume. This will be enough for a medium sized room so normally you can expect a battery life of around 7 to 8 hours. Once the battery is drained, You can charge it within 2 hours.

Final Verdict

If you are someone who appreciates good music then You should definitely buy this. This is far better than any speaker in this range and even better than speakers in the upper range. I have listened to the Mi Bluetooth speaker as well and this one has better base output due to its cylindrical design. It is small and compact so you can keep it anywhere you want. Just keep it oil your backpack and you are good to go.

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