The Return of Nokia – Our thoughts!


Nokia was once a leader in mobile phones. Every geeks remembers that as a Nokia Era and deep inside our hearts we all wanted Nokia to comeback. Well guess what? They are finally coming back with a couple of phones. So in this article we will talk about the upcoming Nokia phones and there different aspects like gaming, camera etc.

Nokia phones were never that great in gaming. Like seriously, Windows phone software could have been much better in gaming but no one really cared about it. Finally, in year 2017, Nokia is now concentrating on gaming and will be putting some decent specs in their phone. I just hope that in same old Nokia style, they release a GamePad or a joystick. Having a gamepad makes a lot of sense in Android games like Real racing and also on other type of online games like online casino.

The Nokia phones announced in 2017 will run on Android Marshmallow instead of Windows phone software which increases the number apps for the users. And this is a good news because users can enjoy the full range of popular games available in Google Play like Angry Birds, Prisma, and Snapchat which aren’t available on Windows store. And the good news are not stopping here.

By next year, as the most of the Android smartphone users around the world, Nokia phone fans who love to gamble will have the possibility of enjoy casino games on their Android phones. But until then, a full array of casino games to cater for any type of online casino gamer is available on laptops and traditional computers.

Also in 2017, Nokia talks about plans for “expanded VR leadership”, which could be interpreted in many ways, but does this means a VR headset?  Or we’ll have new health and fitness wearables from Nokia? We shall see this next year.

Coming back to the phones, leaks suggest that they would be coming in two variants: one with 2GB of RAM and the other one with 3GB of RAM.

Both of the phones will be of 5” and will most likely come with Snapdragon’s 410 processor. We don’t really have much idea about the Android but we just hope that it is built very similar to stock else we will see another Nokia X. According to some insiders, Nokia is working on Android 7.0 nougat which is the latest Android version. Talking about the cameras, the device may have a 13MP Rear camera and an 8MP camera at the front. The higher variant of the device may have a better camera (16MP). The devices will cost Rs. 9,999 and Rs. 12,999 respectively.

Nokia is supposed to unleash the phones in the Mobile World Congress 2017. As the other lower devices have a very good built we expect its Android smartphone to have a similar tough to break built.

The Nokia D1C will be the company’s first Android smartphone ever, will the company be successful or their work will go down in vain? This is the main question rolling out in everyone’s mind.

Looking at the specifications and prices and also considering Nokia’s reputation, we think that the company will easily compete with Apple, Google, OnePlus, Xiaomi and other tech giants in the smartphone category. Though it may take some time to reach there. After all this is Nokia for whom we are talking about.


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