UAG Composite Case Review!

UAG is famous for its military-grade cases. They are tough, rugged and even looks great. Today we will be going to review UAG Slate Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 and will see if it is worth your money

Design & Build

Unlike other rugged cases, UAG cases look great. They have an iconic look which can be distinguished easily. The back of the case is plain with a little indent to fit your finger in. The case features a skeletal design which provides rigidity as well as cushioning to the case. When applied, the buttons get a tactile cover over them.


On the bottom of the case you get cut-outs for all the ports though the hole for the 3.5mm isn’t that wide. A few of my headphones weren’t able to attach properly (ATH-M50x).

The phone is built of good quality plastic on the top while there is a soft rubber layer at the bottom.

Drop Protection


With this case, your phone is protected all around. When kept the phone faced down, the case provides a solid lip of rubber for protection. I dropped the phone from 3.5ft accidentally, and it caused a small dent on the Case’s edge, but nothing happened to the phone. I literally died when it happened and I was expecting at least a dent but the case saved it from the drop. I might as well do a drop test video with the case on but you will have to wait for that :p

Fit & Weight

The case fits well to the phone and there is no wobble or anything. The case is also super light and even lighter than some non-rugged cases.


So should you buy this Case? Yes for Sure. It provides great Protection without adding much thickness or bulk to your case.

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