Evidson X88 Sound Supreme Review!


There are numerous numbers of earphones in the market currently. Good pairs usually start from Rs. 600 and upwards, till now, we had options from SoundMagic, JBL, Audio-Technica and Philips/Sony. Recently a company named Evidson contacted me and asked If I’ll be willing to review their sound supreme x88, A budget offering from them. When I received the earphones, I didn’t like them. They had a terrible build quality and were of flat design. Fast forward it to today and man, So good they are!

Evidson Sound Supreme X88 Review

In the box – Evidson had to do some cost cutting, So they did it here. In the box, apart from the earphones, you only get two pairs of foam cover which help in increasing the grips. I was hoping for a case/ bag, but I was disappointed.

Build Quality

IMG_2706 (Custom)

The earphones are made completely of plastic. The quality of plastic is also average. If you will be keeping them in your pockets, then you need to take further care of them and please, don’t take them to Mumbai local ??


The wire of the Evidson X88 is decent. It is thick and even though it is not braided, It won’t get torn for years. The cable splitter is also of high quality; sadly it doesn’t come with a mic.

IMG_2709 (Custom)

The other thing which I like is the right-angled 3.5mm adapter. This helps when you keep your phone in your pocket. It is also very convenient for laptops.


Sound Quality!!!

IMG_2708 (Custom)

This is the sector where these shine high. If you are expecting the pure audiophilic sound then they aren’t made for you, You can buy the Brainwavz M5 but if you want something on which you can dance your a** off, then buy them. They are very loud at 115db of sensitivity with a frequency range of 20Hz ~ 20,000HZ and an Impedance of 32 ohms. The sound is clear and has the sufficient bass and treble as well. They sound a bit off on the low end, but apart from that, they sound Incredible. I owned a pair of SoundMagic ES 18 and compared to them, The Evidson X88 Sound Supreme has better bass and are louder.


Even though the Evidson X88 sound supreme has poor build quality and looks from a decade back, they sound well. These are great if you are looking for punchy base as well as good amount of treble. If you have 600INR and want to buy a pair of earphones, then you can’t go wrong with them.

Evidson X88 Sound Supreme











  • Economical
  • Sound Quality


  • Build Quality

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