Zenfone Max review – A phone with 3 days battery life


The biggest problem people nowadays face is battery life, I often see people standing in Delhi Metro with a power bank along with phone, so to fix this issue, people as Asus launched Asus Zenfone max a couple of months ago. So today We will see whether the phone can really remove the need for a power bank?

Design and Built

The Zenfone Max is designed well, Asus has tried something different than the standard Zenfone’s layout with volume buttons on the back and power button on the front. Here we have both of them on the right side. On the back of the phone, you get leather-like texture which feels great to hold as well as gives a royal look :p

The Zenfone Max weighs around 210 grams which I feel like is more than one would like. When holding the phone or even just showing the phone to someone, the first thing which is pointed out is it’s bulk and for some, It can surely be a reason not to buy the phone.

The Zenfone Max comes with 2 micro sim card slots and one micro SD card slot.


The Zenfone Max is even though a special niche phone but don’t get it wrong, The zenfone Max performs like a champ. It has a Snapdragon 410 processor coupled with Adreno 306GPU. Talking about the benchmarks, It scored 25942 in Antutu and 14790 in Quadrant. Overall performance is smooth, lag free and the phone does not heat up.



As always, the camera will be reviewed later, I will leave the link for the camera review here.



As the title says, the battery of the Zenfone Max is exceptional. Gone are the days when you had to charge your phone daily. With my daily normal use, I was able to take the phone to almost 3 days. The screen on time which I was getting was around 10+ hours which is seriously amazing. Now if you do not want to use the battery for your own purpose, you can always use your phone as a powerbank to charge your buddy’s phone. Asus also provided an OTG cable to make this more simple!


This new device by Asus still comes with the Zen UI, a skinned version of Android based on Android Lollipop, which has some really impressive features but it tends to slow down the device. ZenUI comes with Zillions of pre-installed apps and If you have a 512Kbps connection then you will have a hard time updating them. I have used other UIs too and a lot of companies pre-install several apps but they make sure that the phone doesn’t slow down. This is not the case with Zenfone Max. It gave me several hiccups and lags which I really don’t like at all. Addition to that we also get a little customizability but that animation and stuff eventually slow down the phone and with mere 2GB of RAM, it may become worse.

Coming to the good part, we do get options like the double tap to wake, smart group and One-handed mode which I really envy. Here are some screenshots of the UI-

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a phone with good battery life and you won’t mind the bulk, then you can easily go for this guy!

Asus Zenfone Max











  • Outstanding battery life
  • Impressive camera
  • Mediocre Performer


  • heft

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