FiiO launches their EX1 in-ear headphones


FiiO a company established in 2007 has made a lot of name in developing countless portable music products of different. FiiO has been selling its products from and Now would be selling its products on leading e-commerce websites in India.


The quality of any earphone depend upon the quality od diaphragm. A diaphragm should be strong and should be light to get minimal distortions. FiiO is using diagram of Titanium which is usually found in Aerospace planes and drones. Delivering even more response across frequencies and a natural yet energetic sound, the titanium diaphragm can handle high power without distortion while preserving exemplary transient response, unlike traditional dynamic driver diaphragms. All components of the EX1 housing are precision CNC milled, with the back made of anodized duralumin and the front stainless steel.

The EX1’s cableconsist of 42 strands of high-purity ODC copper intertwined with 250D Kevlar fiber strands, ensuring superior sonics as well as great strain resistance and longevity. The outer sheathing is composed of medical-grade TPE for minimum microphonics and maximum biocompatibility which assures that users doesn’t end up with skin allergies.

The EX1 will be available on all leading web stores shortly. We would add the links when it gets available.

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