Ultimate Battle: Yureka Plus vs Moto G3

Yu Yureka Plus and Moto G3 are two great budget devices made by Yu, a Micromax company and Motorola, a Lenovo Company respectively. Both have great specifications and are value for money but there are always some aspects in which a device succeeds and fails and that’s why today, we will be seeing the plus and the minus points of both the Yu Yureka Plus and the Motorola Moto G3.

Yu Yureka Plus vs Moto G3

Build and Design

Both the Yu Yureka Plus and the Moto G3 are made of plastic and no metal frame in found in the design of both the devices. Both the devices are available in two colours : Black and White and only black is available for the front panel. Yu Yureka Plus comes with a Matt finish at the back which is comfortable enough in hand but the Moto G3 goes a bit ahead with its nice texture and the dimple at the back which makes it feel like a premium device. Yu Yureka Plus comes with off screen touch capacitive keys which is a benefit for people who likes to take full use of the display of the phones and get annoyed by the on screen buttons. This is not present on the Moto G3. The volume locker and the power button are found on the right hand side in case of the Moto G3 whereas the volume lockers are at the left hand side and the power button is at the right hand side for the Yu Yureka Plus. Moreover, the Moto G3 comes with a set of front firing speakers which is always better than speakers available at the back of the device, like in the case of the Yu Yureka Plus.


In the display side, Yu Yureka Plus takes the win as it has a 1080p 5.5 Inch IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection on top of it whereas the 3rd generation of Moto G is only equipped with a 5 Inch 720p display. People who don’t like bigger screen sizes will like the Moto G because of the smaller screen size but will have to stick to 720p.


Well there is nothing much to tell here. The Snapdragon 615 totally beats of the budget Snapdragon 410 chipset available inside the Moto G 3rd Generation. In the GPU side of things, the Moto G comes with a Adreno 305 GPU whereas the Yu Yureka Plus is equipped with a Adreno 405. The main dis advantage of the Snapdragon 615 chipset is that it is famous for its heating issues and therefore you need to keep in mind that continuous gaming on this device will let to a shut down. This issue is however not present on the Motorola Moto G3. Both the devices handle gaming well but there is some stuttering on some demanding games on the Moto G3 due to the older processor.


Both the devices come with 13 MP shooters at the back with f/2.0 and f/2.2 aperture for the Moto G3 and Yu Yureka Plus respectively and both  have 5 MP shooters at the front for the selfie lovers to enjoy. Both take decent pictures when light is available but not so good in low lighting conditions. Both the devices support 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second as well. Moreover, in this topic, we come to a conclusion to give a draw to both the devices

OS and UI

Both the Yu Yureka Plus and the Moto G3 come with near to stock experience of Android. While the Moto G3 is running on a near to stock 5.1 Lollipop ROM, the Yu Yureka Plus comes with Cyanogen Mod 12 which gives you a lot of customization options without thinking about rooting and that kind of stuff. Both the devices are supposed to get the Android marshmallow update but till now we have no confirmations about when they will be getting it. Overall the UI is smooth in case of both the devices but there is much customization options available on the Yu Yureka Plus due to the CM 12. Therefore the Yu Yureka Plus wins in respect of the OS and UI.


Both the devices perform well, have decent shooters but in my opinion the Yu Yureka Plus wins this battle because of a faster processor and also a bigger display with higher resolution. If you don’t want big displays, then Moto G3 will be your choice.

You can buy both the devices here:

Moto G3: http://goo.gl/SfkrjO

Yu Yureka Plus: http://goo.gl/y242Ru

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