No.1 S3 Smart Watch now selling of just $62.99 on Gearbest

No.1 S3 is the cheapest smartwatch which features a full metal body with a circular display. The No.1 S3 watch is now available globally and is selling for just $62.99 on Gearbest. Today we will discuss about its specifications as well as we would be doing an initial impressions.

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As you can see from the picture above, the No.1 S3 watch features a Circular display which gives a perception of a real watch. The watch is made up of metal and looks premium in every sense. It has a leather strap which makes it look even more delgant. As you may have observed we have been following the chinese smart watches from quite a some time and this is one the best watch in it. The watch has a has raised metal, which means that the glass is a little inside which prevents scratches on it. Unlike the other watches which have a non user-friendly app, the No.1 S3 connects through the Fundo Android app which is a metal design app. The Fundo app is available on Play store and is very user-friendly.

The No.1 S3 is world’s first circular watch which features sim card capabilities. You can insert a micro SIm on your watch as well as a memory card. the watch has an inbuld dialer which helps you take as well as dial calls directly from your wrist. You can store music and images on the memory card and directly see or listen from your wrist. There is also an app for seeing your call logs directly on your phone.

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The watch also has a Pedometer which tracks every step you take. the steps you take can also be displayed on your phone from the App. Even though I can’t say much about the accuracy but following the brand popularity in china, the pedometer will be accurate enough that you won’t need any creepy fitness trackers on your other arm. The No.1 S3 also features a Sleep tracker which can show you the exact time when you were restless and can also display the time when you started sleeping and when you woke up.

The No.1 S3 also has feature called UV detection which checks the UV intensity in the air and remind you on how you can protect yourself from the harsh UV rays. The No.1 S3 is also featuring the standard smart which features like Intelligent Anti-lost which helps in finding your phone by ringing an alarm on it. The watch also acts like a shutter to shoot pictures from your mobile with the help of your watch.The Smart Wake feature helps in waking your phone whenever you flip your arm.

You can buy the No.1 S3 from gearbest with worldwide shipping for just $62.99.

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