Get Ulefone uWear for just $22.99 with free shipping

Ulefone uWear is a Smartwatch which no doubt has a great design and it also performs well. The Ulefone uWear is priced at $27.99 but you can get it for just $22.99. So today we will tell you about the watch and also about the awesome deal you are getting with it.

Ulefone uWear Specifications


The Ulefone uWear has a very similar design of the Apple watch, It has a rubber strap with latch-in system which makes sure that the watch doesn’t fell off when you are doing any physical activity. The watch’s body is made up of metal with a matte finish. The feature which sets this watch appart from others is that the watch is waterproof, The uWear is also certified with IP65 which means that you can easily bath or even swim with this watch.

The watch also has a Pedometer which tracks every step you take. the steps you take can also be displayed on your phone from the App. Even though I can’t say much about the accuracy but following the brand popularity in china, the pedometer will be accurate enough that you won’t need any creepy fitness trackers on your other arm. The uWear also features a Sleep tracker which can show you the exact time when you were restless and can also display the time when you started sleeping and when you woke up.


On the security side, the watch has a Anti lost feature in which the uWear will start ringing an alarm when the paired device gets more than 10 meters far from the watch. The watch comes with a 220 mAh battery that offers a pretty good standby time. The watch also alarm feature which makes the watch whenever. This is  really nice feature and the vibration wakes you up in a slow and quite manner. You can set upto 5 alarms in this watch

The uWear also has the Remote camera feature by which you can take a picture from your phone by using your smartwatch. You can even play or pause the music from your phone by just a single tap using this Remote Music app.

The uWear is also has the standard smart which features like Intelligent Anti-lost which helps in finding your phone by ringing an alarm on it. The watch also acts like a shutter to shoot pictures from your mobile with the help of your watch.The Smart Wake feature helps in waking your phone whenever you flip your arm.

Get Ulefone uWear for just 22.99$

Gearbest, the online e-commerce giant is having a sale from 17th to 30th by which you can get this watch for just $22.99. You just have to use coupon “Uwear” at the time of checkout.

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  1. Hi Nishant..
    i want to purchase this Smartwatch, please tell me
    can i get this in $22.99 & in India its get some custom charges !! or free

    • I would suggest you to buy this watch without thinking twice, It is far more better than Mi Band. For the customs it won’t be above Rs. 100 so just go for it 😀

      • thanks a lot Yaar 🙂 …. i m very Happy 🙂 now all doubts are clear 😀 i am going to ordering this..
        thanks Again for posting this & giving valuable suggestion.. tc


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